Opponents sue to block medical marijuana from going on the November ballot in Utah

Opponents sue to block medical marijuana from going on the November ballot in Utah

Published on May 15, 2018

Opponents of medical marijuana are once again trying to stifle the democratic process by spreading propaganda and misinformation in Utah in an attempt to stop the voter iniative from reaching the ballot box. Advocates are already well passed reaching the required amount of signatures while the group known as "Drug Safe Utah" is going out of their way to try and get people to remove their own signatures from the voter initiatve. Instead of letting democracy run it's course and allowing voters to decide if certain patients should have access to medical cannabis, Drug Safe Utah is suing Lt. Governor Spencer Cox, who will be deciding if the initiative makes the ballot or not. The group is making false claims similar to those that have been used against cannabis for years including the claim that cannabis has no medical uses or that it causes permanent brain damage. With more research on cannabis available than ever it is easier than ever to debunk these claims, as the Lt. Governor likely will. It is unfortunate however that precious time and resources will be wasted due to outdated misinformation used by those who would stop medical patients from finding relief. 

“We are dismayed at the repeated attempts to undermine and stymie the democratic process and citizen participation by the Utah Medical Association and their allies. The time for parlor tricks and political grandstanding should be over,” DJ Schanz, the group’s director, said in his own statement. “It’s time to have a robust public debate on the issue of medical cannabis and let the people of Utah have a say in their democracy and ultimately vote on this important issue.”

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