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Marijuana in the mail: Canadian postal services ready for legal cannabis deliveries

News Posted Oct 16 2018

Canada's new recreational cannabis market will be handled a little differently throughout each province. Ontario is one market that will handle all deliveries by mail meaning an influx for the Canadian postal system, but the different postal companies say they're prepared for however much comes at them. One challenge added into the large amount of mail deliveries is the age verification that will come with  every cannabis delivery. Some companies have been delivering medical marijuana in Canada for several years now and with the help of those practices and some new ones they aren't concerned about these verifications slowing them down. Most of Canada's postal companies say delivering cannabis is no different than delivering alcohol or other expensive commodities.

Security concerns about the high-value cargo are real, but no worse than for other pricey goods, said Lori Posluns, chief legal officer at Traffic Tech Inc, which does bulk medical marijuana deliveries and bid for the SAQ contract.

“So whether the commodity is alcohol or cannabis or electronics or pharmaceuticals, everything’s high value.”

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