Cleveland company to harvest first batch of medical marijuana in December

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Published on 9/30/18

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Ohio began it's long journey towards opening it's medical marijuana program after the legislature approved the program back in the summer of 2016, but the first dispensaries will hopefully be open before the end of the year. Cultivators planted the state's first medical marijuana crop at the end of July and are now waiting for the first harvest to be ready to sell once the first dispensaries finally open their doors. The waiting medical marijuana dispensaries say they should be ready to begin sales in December, though the program was originally intended to begin in September. 

The Ohio Legislature approved the creation of a medical marijuana program in June 2016. The law allows residents with at least one of 21 qualifying medical conditions to obtain a doctor's recommendation to buy marijuana at state-licensed dispensaries. While Ohio missed its Sept. 8 deadline for having medical marijuana available, officials think the program should be operational by the end of the year.