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We Now Have Evidence That a Marijuana Compound Can Help People With Psychosis

News Posted Sep 2 2018

In a journal published last month, JAMA Psychiatry, a team of researchers found that CBD can help reduce the symptoms of patients who are experiencing psychosis. The study involved 33 patients experiencing psychotic symptoms while 19 others remained as the control group. 16 patients were administered a dose of CBD via a pill while the rest were given a placebo. MRI scans showed researchers that those given the CBD experienced far less psychotic brain activity than those who did not, suggesting that CBD could potentially normalize brain function in psychotic patients. Though CBD and cannabis are still a schedule 1 drug in the U.S. this study could pave the way for future studies and possibly an approved medication to help patients experiencing psychosis in the future.

The researchers noted abnormal brain activity in all the volunteers who had experienced psychosis symptoms. However, the abnormal activity was far less pronounced in the volunteers who received the CBD dose. According to the researchers, this suggests that CBD could help normalize the brain activity of people with psychosis.

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