Salem marijuana store temporarily ‘out of flower,’ citing technical glitch

News Posted Feb 20 2019

Many state's with a legal cannabis industry use a "seed to sale" tracking system to keep tabs on the plants from the moment they are planted until they are sold to the customer. This helps keep things transparent for the state but also helps track the amount of inventory needed by knowing typical sales number. Due to a technical glitch at a recreational marijuana dispensary in Salem, Massachusetts the store has run completely out of flower cannabis. The store is likely losing money on sales despite concentrates and other products becoming increasingly popular as the industry has progressed. So far they're not aware if the glitch has effected other dispensaries.

Alternative Therapies Group, which was the third recreational store to open in the state, said on its website Tuesday that “due to a technical glitch with the state’s seed-to-sale system,” the store is “out of flower,” the green, leafy buds most commonly used for smoking.

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