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Marijuana Legalization In Italy: 250 Italian Lawmakers Support Cannabis Decriminalization Proposal

Political Posted Jul 25 2015

Italy may be well on it's way to being the largest country in Europe to legalize marijuana, but it may take a few more years to convince majority of politicians. A recent survey in Italy shows 77% of those interviewed believed Italy should follow US states like Colorado and Washington with legalization and regulation of the drug. 250 of Parliament's 945 members have already signed a bill to show support for the decriminalization, production, and sale of marijuana , which is promising considering only 10 years ago the country passed a law treating marijuana with harsher sentences.

Della Vedova is nevertheless optimistic: "So far, more than one-fourth of all lawmakers have signed the bill, these include more than [a] third of the deputies sitting in the chamber. So there is a concrete possibility that this proposal will be approved."

Original article: http://www.ibtimes.com/marijuana-legalization-italy-250-italian-lawmakers-support-cannabis-decriminalization-2024645

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