Where's Weed Marijuana News Blog https://wheresweed.com/blog Blog about medical marijuana dispensaries, politics and legal weed West Wendover votes to reject recreational marijuana sales, mayor vetoes it https://wheresweed.com/blog/2018/apr/west-wendover-votes-to-reject-recreational-marijuana-sales-mayor-vetoes-it <p>Nevada&#39;s approval of recreational marijuana laws don&#39;t please everyone, but in a moment of negativity the mayor of West Wendover, NV used his veto power to stop the city from rejecting recreational cannabis sales within the city. After much debate in the City Council the panel voted 3-2 to reject recreational sales in the city, but the mayor felt the decision was too harsh to allow. Mayor Corona is a supporter of recreational cannabis and though his city council wanted to ban sales he decided it was important not to permanently block off such a vital industry. Instead he is leaving the discussion open so the city has a chance to weigh it&#39;s options and and decide again in the future. Mayor Corona has said he will back off the subject in the future and if the council chooses to ban sales again they will have their chance.&nbsp;</p> <blockquote> <p>The veto effectively leaves the issue of recreational marijuana sales in West Wendover up in the air but keeps the potential for it alive in the future. Mayor Corona said he would not be pushing the issue so hard in the future, but would leave it up to the city council to decide when it wants to reconsider it.</p> <p>&quot;We can take a breather and so I&rsquo;ve told the council I&rsquo;m going to back off and let them do their own process,&quot; he told FOX 13 after the meeting. &quot;If they want to bring it back up, they&rsquo;ll bring it back up. But I wanted to leave that door open.&quot;</p> </blockquote> Marijuana growers, manufacturers have yet to get the green light from L.A. https://wheresweed.com/blog/2018/apr/marijuana-growers-manufacturers-have-yet-to-get-the-green-light-from-la <p>Recreational cannabis in California is growing nearly everyday but the city of Los Angeles is far behind when it comes to licensing it&#39;s marijuana businesses. While over 100 shops have been approved by the city in it&#39;s first wave of the process, the business that have been around and waiting are supposed to be granted approval during the second phase, however the local government has been so behind on work that they&#39;re over a month late. They claim the reason is short staffing, but the delay has already caused may of these awaiting cannabis businesses to lay off their own staff to stay afloat financially. To help solve future problems a new budget has been proposed for next year that is over 4 times the current budget for the cannabis department. Ontop of the incoming tax revenue from recreational sales the state is trying to prepare extra staff and time to compensate for any future issues.</p> <blockquote> <p>L.A. had originally planned to finish processing their applications by April but has not even started accepting that paperwork. As 4/20 rolled around Friday &mdash; the informal holiday for pot enthusiasts &mdash; there was no official word on when that would happen.</p> <p>That has aggravated marijuana growers, manufacturers and other cannabis companies seeking to do business legally in Los Angeles. Under California law, they cannot get state licenses if they do not have local authorization. And if they don&#39;t have a state license, it is illegal for newly licensed shops to buy their products.</p> </blockquote> Marijuana-based seizure treatment gets positive review from FDA https://wheresweed.com/blog/2018/apr/marijuana-based-seizure-treatment-gets-positive-review-from-fda <p>As a new study comes out by GW Pharmaceuticals the FDA is showing positive support for approving the cannabis-based medication, Epidiolex. GW, the British pharma company has been developing Epidiolex for some time and it has drawn plenty of attention. The medication is a CBD oil that does not get the user high and studies are showing that patients using it experience a decrease in monthly seizures of about 40%. Though the FDA stamp of approval would specifically allow Epidiolex for only certain patients, it would open the door for physicians to prescribe it for other illnesses which could call on new research. This week a panel at the FDA will vote on the safety and effectiveness of Epidiolex but the final decision of approval will not come until June.</p> <blockquote> <p>The FDA posted its review of the experimental medication Epidiolex ahead of a public meeting Thursday when a panel of outside experts will vote on the medicine&#39;s safety and effectiveness. It&#39;s a non-binding recommendation that the FDA will consider in its final decision by late June.</p> <p>Patients taking the treatment had fewer seizures, according to the FDA&#39;s internal review posted online. Scientists concluded that GW Pharmaceutical&#39;s submission &quot;appears to support approval&quot; despite some potential side effects including risks of liver injury.</p> </blockquote> This Country Could Be Close To Exporting Medical Marijuana https://wheresweed.com/blog/2018/apr/this-country-could-be-close-to-exporting-medical-marijuana <p>Once again it seems that the country of Israel is ahead of most of the world when it comes to cannabis law reform. Not only is Israel leading the world in medical cannabis research but now they might also lead in medical marijuana exports to other countries. Israeli lawmakers have been working towards legislation allowing exports since 2016 and have since been finishing the regulation process. Last September legislators announced that their medical marijuana program would be included in the country&#39;s official agricultueral activities with the potential to bring in 1-4 billion Israeli Shekels. The ability to export medical cannabis to different countries brings along with it huge potential for investors who have now pledged over $100 million into making it happen. At it&#39;s current stage the legislation does not allow for any raw cannabis to be exported, only processed products.</p> <blockquote> <p>Local news source The Jerusalem Post reported what could be a big breakthrough for Israel&rsquo;s medical marijuana industry. This week, the country&rsquo;s Finance Ministry, Health Ministry, and Interior Ministry reached an agreement that could accelerate the country&rsquo;s plans to export medical marijuana.</p> <p>Next up, lawmakers will need to vote on whether or not to pursue the idea. If it gets a positive vote, Israel could soon be exporting medical marijuana to countries throughout the world. At this point, lawmakers have said that the country will only ship cannabis products intended for medical uses. To that end, Israel will not export any form of raw cannabis.</p> </blockquote> Lyft Celebrates 4/20 With Discounts In Legal Marijuana States https://wheresweed.com/blog/2018/apr/lyft-celebrates-420-with-discounts-in-legal-marijuana-states <p>What kind of plans do you have for your upcoming 4/20? Whatever they are it&#39;s important to be safe and not toke and drive. Lyft is making enjoying the holidaze even easier by offering a special promo code, &quot;LYFTTROOPERS&quot;, to Lyft passengers for a discount of $4.20 off your next ride. For the special holiday Lyft is partnering with the new movie release of Super Troopers 2! So when you use the promo code your Lyft car on the app will be replaced by Super Trooper characters. The Lyft promo will be available in select cities including Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland.</p> <blockquote> <p>April 20, as is now increasingly common knowledge as marijuana becomes more legal and mainstream, is considered a holiday by cannabis consumers. And a growing number of major brands like Lyft see the day as a marketing opportunity.</p> <p>Partnering with Lyft on the cannabis-themed discounts are the producers of the new film Super Troopers 2, which is being released on 4/20.</p> </blockquote> The Mormon church signals opposition to a Utah medical marijuana ballot initiative, an item most voters have supported https://wheresweed.com/blog/2018/apr/the-mormon-church-signals-opposition-to-a-utah-medical-marijuana-ballot-initiative-an-item-most-voters-have-supported <p>Recently the Morman church of Latter Day Saints in Utah has decided to take a position in the continuing debate for medical marijuana and they seem to have given a politically safe answer while also denying modern research. The board of directors for the Utah Medical Association (UMA) have chosen not to endorse the state&#39;s new ballot question initiative that would allow voters to say YES and legalize medical marijuana. Without specifying what they don&#39;t agree with, the church has said they agree with the UMA&#39;s choice not to endorse the ballot question. Though the UMA&#39;s official position is not to support the medical marijuana ballot question, many doctors have come forward stating that they indeed do support the ballot question and medical marijuana and hope that the many available studies will drive awareness for voters to then create a comprehensive medical marijuana program that benefits patients while still properly regulated. Despite the pull that the church has around the state polls have consistently shown that voters do support medical marijuana and will likely vote YES if given the chance.</p> <blockquote> <p>&ldquo;The track record of the safety and efficacy of this medicine speaks for itself, though there are hundreds of existing studies that prove this,&rdquo; Talbott said in a statement. &ldquo;I hope that the intelligent voters of Utah will not allow themselves to be swayed by the politics of the church or a lobbying group like the UMA.&rdquo;</p> <p>Utah voters, however, have consistently supported the idea of legalizing medical marijuana. About 3 in 4 respondents polled recently by The Tribune and the University of Utah&rsquo;s Hinckley Institute of Politics said they backed the idea.</p> </blockquote> Maine Senate joins House in passing recreational marijuana bill by veto-proof majority https://wheresweed.com/blog/2018/apr/maine-senate-joins-house-in-passing-recreational-marijuana-bill-by-veto-proof-majority <p>Maine legislators have done what few other lawmakers could do in the US, agree, and they&#39;ve agreed at high enough margins to earn a veto-proof vote, meaning the bill can pass with or without the governor&#39;s signature. The bill passed this week was a compromise bill for the state&#39;s recreational cannabis program that is expected to begin early 2019. A few things covered in the bill would lower the number of plants one can grow at home from 6 to 3, ban all deliveries of cannabis as well as drive through stores and even social clubs. Among some of the less-liked changes are raising the tax on cannabis sales from 10% up to 20%. Expected revenue from such high taxes would be around $23 million with 6% going towards law enforcement. While many applaud the success of regulating a recreational cannabis indudstry not everyone is thrilled about the compromise. Some advocates believe the high taxes will keep some users reliant on the black market rather than integrate into the legal market.</p> <blockquote> <p>The bill passed by a 24-10 margin one day after being approved 112-34 in the House, which killed a more liberal version of the bill last year by sustaining LePage&rsquo;s veto. The bill is likely to head to LePage after more legislative action Thursday.</p> <p>&ldquo;We listened and we listened and we listened,&rdquo; said Katz, who voted against legalization of adult-use marijuana in the 2016 referendum. &ldquo;We talked to all the stakeholders, we looked at other states and what they&rsquo;ve done. &hellip; We tried to thread the needle and be right in the middle of the pack.&rdquo;</p> </blockquote> Medical marijuana dispensary opens in Pittsfield, people wait in line to enter https://wheresweed.com/blog/2018/apr/medical-marijuana-dispensary-opens-in-pittsfield-people-wait-in-line-to-enter <p>Massachusetts&#39; medical marijuana program is continuing to thrive as the states 22nd dispensary opens for patients this week. The dispensary, Berkshire Roots, is the first in the city of Pittsfield and 2nd for the county. Similar to many other dispensary openings there were patients from all different age groups and cultures all just looking for some relief they can find locally.&nbsp; The owners first submitted their application for their dispensary license back in 2015 and were only approved last month, but now they&#39;re able to serve patients with an extensive menu of helpful products ranging from up to 10 strains of flowers, different styles of concentrates, edibles, tinctures, and topicals. Over 90% of the dispensary&#39;s building space is used for cultvation which will eventually be used for both medical and recreational cannabis but Massachusetts&#39; recreational program will not officially begin until July.</p> <blockquote> <p>People complimented the owners on the variety of products available, especially for a new business. The company sells 10 flower strains of medical marijuana and a combination of concentrates, edibles, tinctures and topicals, she said.</p> <p>&quot;There were different people from every walk of life at our opening,&quot; she said.</p> </blockquote> Medical marijuana patients struggle with costs https://wheresweed.com/blog/2018/apr/medical-marijuana-patients-struggle-with-costs <p>New Jersey&#39;s medical marijuana program is working out for some patients but many others are struggling to afford their medication after other necessary living expenses. One step the state has taken to help is lower the registration fee from $200 down to $100, but the price of medical cannabis can still range from $425-$520 for one ounce. Patients usually have much of their medication costs covered by insurance companies but in the case of medical cannabis that is rare due to the federally illegal status of the plant. In response medical officials have discussed descheduling cannabis which would open the possiblity for medical marijuana to be covered by a patient&#39;s insurance. In the hopeful future medical marijuana patients on a budget will not have to choose between living necessities for themselves or family over their medication.</p> <blockquote> <p>&ldquo;It&rsquo;s extremely expensive, especially if you&rsquo;re living on Social Security and disability benefits,&rdquo; said Marvel, 58, of Somers Point. &ldquo;Some months I can buy a quarter-ounce (of medical marijuana) and others 2 ounces. It all depends on my finances at the time.&rdquo;</p> <p>To address one part of the cost problem, Health Department officials lowered the program&rsquo;s registration fee from $200 to $100. Seniors, veterans and others like Marvel who qualify for government assistance programs would pay $20.</p> </blockquote> Cynthia Nixon Puts Legalizing Marijuana Front and Center of Campaign https://wheresweed.com/blog/2018/apr/cynthia-nixon-puts-legalizing-marijuana-front-and-center-of-campaign <p>Cynthia Nixon is running for governor in New York and she&nbsp;has some ideas that many in the state would say are good competition for current governor&nbsp;Andrew Cuomo. While Gov. Cuomo is not thrilled about the idea of recreational cannabis, ignorantly referring to cannabis as a &quot;gateway drug&quot;, Cynthia Nixon recognizes the inequalities brought on by cannabis prohibition, particularly when it comes to 80% of cannabis arrests being minorities despite all races consuming cannabis&nbsp;at similar rates. Ontop of wanting to stop arresting minorities disproportionately she also wants to right the wrongs of the past and make sure that nonviolent cannabis offenders currently in jail will be released and have their records expunged.</p> <blockquote> <p>In a brief homemade video posted to Twitter on Wednesday, Ms. Nixon, seated in her living room, speaking over a faint but steady hum of background noise, said 80 percent of New Yorkers arrested in connection with marijuana use were black or Latino, despite roughly equal rates of use among white people and communities of color.</p> <p>&ldquo;There are a lot of good reasons for legalizing marijuana, but for me, it comes down to this: We have to stop putting people of color in jail for something that white people do with impunity,&rdquo; she said.</p> </blockquote> Trulieve opens its doors, becomes first medical marijuana dispensary on the Treasure Coast https://wheresweed.com/blog/2018/apr/trulieve-opens-its-doors-becomes-first-medical-marijuana-dispensary-on-the-treasure-coast <p>Florida&#39;s medical marijuna program has progressed greatly in the last few years but still has a long way to go when it comes to patient access. This week the company Trulieve opened it&#39;s newest location in the state located in Vero Beach which is great for the locals who would usually drive close to two hours to the next nearest dispensary.&nbsp; The store opened it&#39;s doors at 10am to a line of over 60 people of all ages and backgrounds. Patients were excited about the great selections the dispensary offered as well as the 25% discount offered for opening day. Many had great things to say about the medical marijuana they&#39;ve received and want others to know that the medication truly does work and is a great alternative to addicting prescription opioids.&nbsp;</p> <blockquote> <p>Clients began arriving at 6:30 a.m., apparently unfazed by spending a long morning in line.</p> <p>Many said they are used to driving almost two hours each way to get their products because there is no other dispensary nearby.&nbsp;</p> <p>Both men said medical marijuana has improved their quality of life.</p> <p>&quot;It&#39;s helping me get off the chemicals, the opioids that I&#39;ve been on for decades,&quot; Staats said.</p> <p>&quot;It works. (It helps) my pain, my anxiety, my insomnia,&quot; Owens added. &quot;And it&#39;s much better than opioids.&quot;&nbsp;</p> </blockquote> Senators call for DOJ to stop blocking medical marijuana research https://wheresweed.com/blog/2018/apr/senators-call-for-doj-to-stop-blocking-medical-marijuana-research <p>Cannabis businesses and consumers aren&#39;t the only ones who are fed up with Attorney General Sessions&#39; lack of awareness and action when it comes to cannabis law reform. Several bipartisan senators have called for AG Sessions to commit to allow the DEA to follow through with submitted applications that would allow more federally sanctioned medical marijuana grows for the purpose of research. Currently there is only one federally licensed cannabis grow, The University of Mississippi, but there are 25 other willing manufacturers that could greatly speed up the process of growing and research, yet the Department of Justice seems to be specifically blocking those applications from being sent to the DEA, whom is open to more research. So far further research into medical marijuana has been called on by&nbsp;President Trump&rsquo;s Surgeon General, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, the FDA, the CDC, the National Highway Safety Administration, the National Institute of Health, the National Cancer Institute, the National Academies of Sciences, and the National Institute on Drug Abuse, all waiting for approval from AG Sessions.&nbsp;</p> <blockquote> <p>However, the DEA has been open to medical research regarding marijuana and changed its policy nearly two years ago to allow for more suppliers because of the growing interest in researching more medical uses of the drug.</p> <p>According to Hatch and Harris, at least 25 manufacturers have formally applied to produce federally approved research-grade marijuana. But the DEA has not approved those requests, and Hatch and Harris said they are concerned the Justice Department has been sitting on the applications.</p> <p>&ldquo;Research on marijuana is necessary to resolve critical questions of public health and safety, such as learning the impacts of marijuana on developing brains and formulating methods to test marijuana impairment in drivers,&rdquo; the senators wrote.</p> </blockquote> Martellus Bennett: 'About 89%' of NFL players use marijuana https://wheresweed.com/blog/2018/apr/martellus-bennett-about-89-of-nfl-players-use-marijuana <p>It&#39;s easy to assume that a decent amount of professional football players might use cannabis to help with daily pains, however recently retired player Martellus Bennet shines a light on the situation by saying nearly 90% of players smoke marijuana. In fact he says he finds it surprising when he hears a teammate of his does not smoke. This may be surprising considering that the NFL strictly prohibit marijuana use, but with a little bit of awareness it can be fairly easy to hide from officials. Not only does it take at least 2 cannabis positive tests to cause a suspsension for a player, but it&#39;s usually easy to know when your test might be coming up. Players can only be tested between the months of April and August, meaning they have most of the year not worrying about getting the THC out of their body. Cannabis is known anti-inflammatory and recent studies have shown that it can help regenerate brain cells which can be extremely useful for athletes like NFL players who are notoriously hard on their bodies.</p> <blockquote> <p>Still, marijuana remains on the NFL&rsquo;s banned list, although it takes two positive tests for the drug before a suspension is issued. After an initial positive test, a player is put in the NFL&rsquo;s &ldquo;Stage Two&rdquo; intervention program, which means for a span of up to 24 months the player faces more frequent testing.&nbsp;</p> <p>There&#39;s also a shorter window in which players can be tested for marijuana and other drugs of abuse: April through August. Once a player passes that test, he won&#39;t be tested again for another year.&nbsp;</p> </blockquote> Ribbon Cutting at Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Scranton https://wheresweed.com/blog/2018/apr/ribbon-cutting-at-medical-marijuana-dispensary-in-scranton <p>The famous town of Scranton, Pennsylvania is getting it&#39;s first medical marijuana dispensary opening next week and the locals seem to be very accepting and welcoming. The company, Columbia Care Pennsylvania plans to open 2 more dispensaries in the northeaster part of the state and greatly increase access for patients. Many citizens including Scranton&#39;s mayor&nbsp;are happy to see that local patients with painful and debilitating illnesses will now have more options outside of addicting and harmful prescription pain killers. The building is said to have 32 cameras placed around the building to keep both patients and the business safe.</p> <blockquote> <p>&quot;When you think about the types of illnesses, chronic illnesses, acute illnesses, that are higher than the national average in this region, this is one of those products that could be an incredibly powerful tool in a toolkit that physicians and patients could rely on,&quot; said Vita.</p> <p>&quot;Hopefully, medical marijuana will replace some of those prescriptions that are being out there for the opioid crisis,&quot; said Scranton Mayor Bill Courtright.</p> </blockquote> Man sentenced to 13 years for 3 grams of marijuana is freed https://wheresweed.com/blog/2018/apr/man-sentenced-to-13-years-for-3-grams-of-marijuana-is-freed <p>A man was released from prison this week after he was convicted of possessing 3 grams of cannabis 8 years ago in New Orleans. The 51 year-old man had prior convictions involving cannabis and was sentenced harshly due to the state&#39;s habitual offender law. The original sentence passed was for 13 years but after gaining support in the media his time was cut down to 8 years back in 2016. This man&#39;s entire life took a dramatic turn due to the outdated laws the U.S. has in place and unfortunately he is not the only one who has faced grossly harsh penalties for a victimless crime. We can only hope that the vast progress being made for cannabis law reform makes sure no one ever has to be imprisoned for no good reason again.</p> <blockquote> <p>Fifty-one-year-old Bernard Noble&#39;s sentence was cut to eight years in December 2016, following months of negotiations with New Orleans District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro&#39;s office. Noble was approved for parole in February.</p> <p>Noble was arrested in 2010 with less than 3 grams (0.11 ounces) of marijuana. Cannizzaro&#39;s office had invoked Louisiana&#39;s habitual offender law against Noble, who had prior cocaine and marijuana convictions.</p> </blockquote> Florida judge rules Tampa cancer patient can grow his own marijuana https://wheresweed.com/blog/2018/apr/florida-judge-rules-tampa-cancer-patient-can-grow-his-own-marijuana <p>Against all odds a stage 4 lung cancer patient in Florida has won his right to grow his own cannabis for the purpose of processing and consuming under a recommendation by his physician. Currently Floriday only licensed businesses to grow cannabis meaning that this patient is the only single personal in the state permitted to grow the plant. While some officials believe the law is clear and he shouldn&#39;t be allowed, he argues that his doctor prescribed him this specific treatment and growing is the only way for him to obtain enough cannabis for the treatment. It&#39;s unclear at the moment if the ruling will be quickly overturned or if it will open to floodgates to more doctors prescribing this treatment to patients in need.</p> <blockquote> <p>&quot;The Court finds that Florida&#39;s Constitution provides Mr. Redner&#39;s right to grow his own medical marijuana so he can follow his physician&#39;s recommendation,&quot; Gievers wrote in her ruling. &quot;Until and unless the [Florida Department of Health] stops violating its Constitutional duty and adopts the mandated presumptive regulation, the evidence clearly demonstrates that Mr. Redner is entitled to follow the recommendations of his certified physician.&quot;&nbsp;</p> </blockquote> Low-THC Medical Marijuana Programs A Bust For Cannabis Industry https://wheresweed.com/blog/2018/apr/low-thc-medical-marijuana-programs-a-bust-for-cannabis-industry <p>While many medical and recreational cannabis programs around the country are thriving and helping patients, consumers&nbsp;and business owners alike, the other side of that coin are the people struggling to gain access to or make any profit from the heavily restricted medical cannabis programs. While many states have made progress by legalizing the limited use and sale of CBD or low-THC products, the dispensaries involved are usually struggling to gain enough patients to break even after all the startup costs. Many of these restricted programs only allow patients with a select few serious conditions and often involve drawn out and arbitrary regulations like meeting with multiple doctors, wait periods, limited access etc. Would-be patients and advocates frequently ask lawmakers to expand the list of qualifying conditions for the sake of the patients, the businesses and even the program itself, but so far not 1 of the states to adopt a limited CBD program have expanded beyond that. Limited programs are getting states a foot in the door to help patients, but a viable and conprehensive program takes more access to patients and the ability to supply the proper medication.</p> <blockquote> <p>Sadly, all of dispensaries set to sell cannabis products to Louisiana patients are expected to operate at a loss.</p> <p>&ldquo;If our program stays the way it is, these companies are going to lose their shirts,&rdquo; Kevin Caldwell, president of the cannabis reform organization CommonSense, told the Advocate. &ldquo;Our concern is that because of the cost associated with getting this program off the ground, the medicine they provide to patients is going to be so expensive, patients aren&rsquo;t going to be able to afford it.&rdquo;</p> </blockquote> Nearly half of New Jerseyans want legal recreational marijuana, new poll finds https://wheresweed.com/blog/2018/apr/nearly-half-of-new-jerseyans-want-legal-recreational-marijuana-new-poll-finds <p>The new governor of New Jersey promised to legazize recreational marijuana when he got into office and a recent poll shows that his constituents support him. Lawmakers in the state have introduced and supported several different legalization bills but have not narrowed down support for just one, so it&#39;s hard to say exactly what recreational cannabis will look like in New Jersey yet. The polls showed that 49% of respondents support the recreational legalization of cannabis while 44% opposed. Though a majority have shown support for legalization it&#39;s hard to say exactly if voters will say YES to retail cannabis given the chance at a ballot question. Supporters are interested in expanding access to cannabsi to allow safer and alternative options to illicit drugs, alcohol and tobacco as well as increasing tax revenue.</p> <blockquote> <p>According to a new poll by the Stockton Polling Institute of the William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy, 49 percent of respondents backed legalizing recreational marijuana while 44 percent opposed such a move. Five percent of respondents were unsure.</p> <p>The survey comes just months after the inauguration of Gov. Phil Murphy, a progressive Democrat who made a campaign promise to legalize recreational marijuana, saying it was the right thing to do from a social justice perspective and that it would generate tax revenue.</p> </blockquote> California testing labs expect marijuana ‘bottleneck’ in July https://wheresweed.com/blog/2018/apr/california-testing-labs-expect-marijuana-bottleneck-in-july <p>When recreational marijuana sales officially begin in July for California many are predicting a major problem with getting and keeping product on the shelves and there doesn&#39;t seem to be a great way to solve the problem yet. On July 1st recreational cannabis sales begin in California&nbsp;and that means that not only does every dispensary need a recreational license but also that every crop of cannabis must be tested in a lab before being sold to dispensaries. The problem is that the number of labs able to test are far outnumbered by the amount of cannabis that will need to be tested. The labs will be testing cannabis at numerous stages in it&#39;s lifespan for potency, pesticides, heavy metals, microbial contamination and more. Officials say about 50 properly running labs would be able to handle the amount of marijuana to be tested, but the state has currently licensed only 26 labs, and all of those 26 labs aren&#39;t guaranteed to be up and ready by the time they&#39;re needed. With the days and sometimes over a week it takes to test the cannabis there will surely be a bottleneck that leads to a shortage in California.&nbsp;</p> <blockquote> <p>Besides the uncertainty about how many of the 26 lab licensees may be operational by July, also in question is how many more labs will be able to obtain permits &ndash; or how long it will take them to do so.</p> <p>For instance, Kaul said Cannalysis has been waiting for Santa Ana officials to sign off on the required local paperwork so the lab can get a temporary state permit.</p> <p>Without local authorization, facilities can&rsquo;t legally begin testing.</p> </blockquote> Feds Want Input On Marijuana Reclassification https://wheresweed.com/blog/2018/apr/feds-want-input-on-marijuana-reclassification <p>The day has finally come that the United States federal government is asking it&#39;s citizens for input on whether or not cannabis should be reclassified under the international drug control treaties. The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) is launching the first review of the international classication of marijuana since it was deemed Schedule 1 back in 1961. This is big news since this may be the first time the federal government has ever considered modern science and research on cannabis. The WHO sets the standard drug policy for countries involved in their drug control treaties, meaning if this review leads to a rescheduling it could effect many countries allover the world. The WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence will be in charge of addressing the classification of cannabis in June which will be followed by further analysis through the UN secretary-general.</p> <blockquote> <p>But now, the United Nations World Health Organization is set to launch a review of the current international classification of marijuana, THC, cannabidiol and other related compounds and preparations, and it wants input from member nations. In turn, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is asking &quot;interested persons&quot; to submit comments that can inform the country&#39;s position on the issue before it weighs in with the UN.</p> <p>Specifically, FDA is inviting input on the &quot;abuse potential, actual abuse, medical usefulness, trafficking and impact of scheduling changes on availability for medical use of&quot; cannabis and its compounds, the agency wrote in a Federal Register notice scheduled to be published on Monday.</p> </blockquote>