Where's Weed Marijuana News Blog https://wheresweed.com/blog Blog about medical marijuana dispensaries, politics and legal weed Oregon tax revenue from marijuana sales $40 million higher than what economists predicted, similar plan recommended for New Jersey https://wheresweed.com/blog/2016/may/oregon-tax-revenue-from-marijuana-sales-40-million-higher-than-what-economists-predicted-similar-plan-recommended-for-new-jersey <p>When Oregon was still discussing possible marijuana legalization, experts were estimating sales revenue of $2-3 million for the&nbsp;years time. It wasn&#39;t until the end of January 2016 that Oregon raised $3.48 million, crushing estimates and exceeding expectations. With customers paying between 17-25% tax rates on marijuana, Oregon raised $10.5 million after the first three months of the year, raising so much tax revenue they had to decide where it all could go. 40% education, 25% mental health and drug services, 20% local jurisdiction, and 15% to state police. Oregon will experience even more sales after June 2nd when shops will legally be able to sell marijuana edibles, vape pens, and infused lotions. New Jersey marijuana advocates think their state would greatly benefit from a program similar to Oregon&#39;s, potentially raising $300 million in tax revenue.</p> <blockquote> <p>Sales are likely to soar even higher as marijuana stores will be able to sell cannabis edibles, vape pens and weed-infused lotions starting on June 2.</p> <p>The study from New Jersey United for Marijuana Reform claimed that the state could earn $300 million in annual sales tax revenue if the drug were legalized, considering that residents spend more than $869 million on illegal marijuana currently, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.</p> </blockquote> L.A. County extends medical marijuana growing ban one month https://wheresweed.com/blog/2016/may/la-county-extends-medical-marijuana-growing-ban-one-month <p>Los Angeles County officials cannot agree on regulations for allowing medical marijuana within it&#39;s boundaries, so they placed another short-term ban on growing - one month. While some lawmakers are still fighting the access to medical marijuana within parts of California, many have accepted that voters will likely legalize recreational marijuana this November, making medical marijuana policy secondary. The ban in Los Angeles has not only hurt&nbsp;the businesses that were located there, but the locals who have relied on their home dispensary must travel elsewhere or turn&nbsp;to the black market.</p> <blockquote> <p>&quot;We have people who have seizures, we have people who have glaucoma, we have those with degenerative bone diseases, chronic pain, and unfortunately they are denied their medications now because of the closure of our cannabis clinics, our dispensaries,&quot; said Greg Hernandez of Lake Los Angeles. &quot;The only thing that this ban has gone ahead and done is reignited the black market right here in the Antelope Valley.&quot;</p> <p><br /> &quot;Cannabis is not going away,&quot; he said. &quot;I would encourage the board to get ahead of this instead of behind.&quot;</p> </blockquote> As more states legalize marijuana, adolescents' problems with pot decline https://wheresweed.com/blog/2016/may/as-more-states-legalize-marijuana-adolescents-problems-with-pot-decline <p>Marijuana opponents tend to preach that legalizing marijuana means more teenagers are going to use and abuse the drug, but unfortunately for them the data says otherwise. In a study conducted by Washington University School of Medicine, 216,000 students from all 50 states were surveyed to show that from 2002 to 2013, teenagers with marijuana-related problems are declining. Even with cities and entire states decriminalizing, or legalizing medically/recreationally, significantly less teenagers are struggling with issues related to marijuana. Researchers found a link between problem behaviors (fighting, proporty crime, selling drugs) and later marijuana abuse, but it seems that now children are more likely to be treated for behavioral problems early on, removing the increased likelihood of marijuana problems.</p> <blockquote> <p>Those drops were accompanied by reductions in behavioral problems, including fighting, property crimes and selling drugs. The researchers found that the two trends are connected. As kids became less likely to engage in problem behaviors, they also became less likely to have problems with marijuana.</p> <p>The study&#39;s first author, Richard A. Grucza, PhD, an associate professor of psychiatry, explained that those behavioral problems often are signs of childhood psychiatric disorders.</p> </blockquote> Louisiana medical marijuana bill signed https://wheresweed.com/blog/2016/may/louisiana-medical-marijuana-bill-signed <p>Last year, Louisiana legislators passed a strict medical marijuana bill that has yet to provide any real progress for patients. Words from a relieved mother stuck with lawmakers as Governor John Bel Edwards signed a follow up bill that expanded the list of qualifying conditions to include:&nbsp;seizure disorders, HIV, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis and more. Even with the passing of this new bill, it is still estimated to take 18-24 months for any patients to recieve their medication. For some, that could be too long. Families should not have to consider moving to an entirely new state for the sake of access to safe and effective medication for their children. The bill also gave LSU and Southern University the deadline of Sept. 1 to decide if they want to be the state-sanctioned grower.</p> <blockquote> <p>&ldquo;Connor&rsquo;s neurologist in New Orleans feels (medical marijuana) is the last resort for him in order to control his seizures, because we&rsquo;ve obviously tried everything and the meds just aren&rsquo;t working for him. They&rsquo;re making his body waste away,&rdquo; Corkern said.</p> <p>The Corkerns are from Edwards&rsquo; hometown of Amite and attend the same church as the governor, and they had a significant advocate on their side &mdash; the governor&rsquo;s wife Donna &mdash; who attended committee hearings with Katie Corkern and who was on hand for the bill signing.</p> <p>Mills has estimated Louisiana is 18 months to 24 months from getting medical marijuana to patients. The state-sanctioned grower needs to be selected, along with 10 distributors.</p> </blockquote> N.J.'s medical marijuana program, six years later https://wheresweed.com/blog/2016/may/njs-medical-marijuana-program-six-years-later <p>When it comes to marijuana policy reform, many places suffer from the slow progress of bureaucracy, but when the system is as broken as it is, any progress is progress. Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey personally handled some delays for the implementation of the bill by asserting his outdated skewed beliefs to dictate how New Jerseyans treat their illnesses. New Jersey&#39;s medical marijuana bill was signed 6.5 years ago and has since only opened 5 dispensaries and currently serves 6,636 patients. Requests continuously pour in for the state to adapt new qualifying conditions to be able to help more patients around the state.&nbsp;</p> <blockquote> <p>Patients and patient advocacy groups continue to push for changes to the law so more people could be helped. They&#39;ve asked the health department for years to consider adding medical conditions that qualify patients for the program.</p> <p>Acting Health Commissioner Cathleen Bennett recently announced she has appointed a panel of medical experts that will review requests for additional medical conditions from the public. Bennett will have the final word.</p> </blockquote> Nunn board members vote to allow the cultivation of marijuana in town limits https://wheresweed.com/blog/2016/may/nunn-board-members-vote-to-allow-the-cultivation-of-marijuana-in-town-limits <p>Nunn, a&nbsp;town in Colorado that banned any cultivation or recreational sales of marijuana&nbsp;has overturned the bill to pass a new bill that would ban recreational sales, but allow a cultivation facility within town limits. A 22,000 square-foot cannabis greenhouse is planned to be the town&#39;s exclusive marijuana grow for at least the next 5 years, the program is considered a trial run. Some locals are concerned about the type of people a marijuana facility will bring in to town, but maybe they fully grasp that no marijuana can be sold within the town or by the cultivator. Even with many biased opinions, the town is too tempted by the potential revenue of a marijuana business in town, some which say could make up to $35,000 monthly for the town at the start. Once legislators see the lack of issues introduced by the facility, they will likely be tempted to open a recreational retailer.&nbsp;</p> <blockquote> <p>He said for five years, the company would essentially be a part of the town&rsquo;s trial run for marijuana cultivation. Officials would observe how the industry operates, how the business works with the state and how well the business actually works in bringing in revenue for the town.</p> <p>One main reason for voting in favor of marijuana cultivation is to see how much money it will generate. And if everything goes as planned, the total would be a decent chunk of change for the town &mdash; roughly $35,000 per month when first starting out, Callaway said.</p> <p>According to Callaway, the town would receive 5 percent of the value of each plant grown in the facility, based on the negotiations underway with St. NoCo.</p> </blockquote> Coachella 'all in' with medical marijuana cultivation https://wheresweed.com/blog/2016/may/coachella-all-in-with-medical-marijuana-cultivation <p>Coachella remains one of the largest music and arts festivals around the world, and if everything goes well, you may soon be able to&nbsp;legally purchase and enjoy marijuana during your coachella experience. Coachella&#39;s host city only recently allows for medical marijuana facilities, but on very limited zoning restrictions. While officials are open to expanding the zone for marijuana businesses, Mayor Hernandez has expressed his concerns with introducing such an industry too fast. If passed, Coachella would still have to obtain two permits, but they are definitely interested as one of the 2 parties who have applied for the proper permits. Around 75% of Coachella goers support the taxed system for allowing marijuana sales with over half who &#39;strongly support&#39;.</p> <blockquote> <p>&ldquo;This is a new industry and it&rsquo;s an industry that has a lot of variables,&rdquo; he said. &ldquo;What we don&rsquo;t want to do is shotgun it and spread it throughout the city and not have a plan for it.&rdquo;</p> <p>Businesses would still be required to obtain two permits and maintain a number of stringent standards requiring filtration systems and odor mitigation.</p> <p>In the last four months, two applications for the city permit have been submitted, one by Cultivation Technology Inc. for an 111,500 square-foot establishment and one for a 165,000-square-foot facility by Coachella Research and Development Park, according to the city.</p> </blockquote> Marijuana ballot campaign urges Gov. Rick Snyder to veto 180-day signature bill https://wheresweed.com/blog/2016/may/marijuana-ballot-campaign-urges-gov-rick-snyder-to-veto-180-day-signature-bill <p>MILegalize is a group currently pursuing signatures for an initiative to legalize recreational marijuana in Michigan, but the governor has an upcoming choice to pass or veto a seperate&nbsp;bill that would not only effect the outcome of MILegalize&#39;s initiative, but could limit progress for years to come. If the bill passes, it would disallow the use of signatures gathered outside of a 180 day period, even when signatures are accompanied by a validated affidavit. MILegalize needs&nbsp;252,523 signatures total by June 1st and they will need each and every signature possible to bring their initiative to November&#39;s ballot. If the secondary bill passes, it will not only hinder the voter&#39;s ability to legalize marijuana, but other important&nbsp;groups like The Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan also plan to use signatures passed the 180 day mark.</p> <blockquote> <p>Rep. Jeff Irwin, D-Ann Arbor, pointed to it as politically motivated and urged his colleagues to vote against it Wednesday.</p> <p>&quot;I beg you, do not diminish the power of the people because you&#39;re wrapped up in the current politics. What about the issues five years from now? What about the issues 10 years from now?&quot; Irwin asked.</p> <p>&quot;I think it&#39;s a foolish move and very shortsighted and it&#39;s going to result in a cost to the taxpayer in litigation,&quot; Hank said</p> </blockquote> World’s First Marijuana Mall Opens In Colorado- But How Do You Get Home? https://wheresweed.com/blog/2016/may/worlds-first-marijuana-mall-opens-in-colorado-but-how-do-you-get-home <p>Trinidad, Colorado will soon be home to the world&#39;s first Marijuana Mini-Mall. The duo entrepreneurs Sean Sheridan and Chris Elkins plan to bring in 5 dispensaries next to one another on the same street, as zoning laws in&nbsp;Trinidad make it one of the few, if only, places possible. While Sean and Chris hope the shops bring in close to $5 million a year, the real question on everyone&#39;s mind is, how are people going to get home? Opponents of marijuana law reform often use driver impairment as a platform to fight widening policy, but advocates are prepared to promote accountability by encouraging smokers to use Uber and Lyft if they feel impaired.&nbsp;</p> <blockquote> <p>Entrepreneurs Sean Sheridan and Chris Elkins are preparing to open the World&rsquo;s First Marijuana Mall in Trinidad, Colorado. They have high expectations for the 5 dispensaries they plan to bring in: &ldquo;If they&rsquo;re not doing $5 million a year, then we&rsquo;re not driving enough traffic,&rdquo; Sheridan said.</p> <p>Ride-sharing companies will play an important role in making your next trip to the pot mall even safer &amp; more enjoyable. As part of their &ldquo;Drive High, Get a DUI&rdquo; campaign, the CDOT even suggests using Uber and Lyft.</p> </blockquote> ILLINOIS HOUSE PASSES MARIJUANA DECRIMINALIZATION BILL https://wheresweed.com/blog/2016/may/illinois-house-passes-marijuana-decriminalization-bill <p>After an uphill battle through the Senate and House, Illinois is on it&#39;sway to decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana. A similar bill failed last year after Governor Rauner decided regulations must be more strict. Last year&#39;s bill decriminalized the possession of 15 grams of marijuana and reduced penalties for possession from 6 months in jail and a up to $1,500 fine, down to no jail time&nbsp;and a max $125 ticket. To appease the governor, this year&#39;s bill only decriminalizes up to 10 grams of cannabis and offenders would owe a fine between $100-200. By removing jail-time for all low level offenders, the court&nbsp;system is no longer clogged up with non-violent users, police are no longer spending up to 4 hours per low level bust, and the tax-payers are no longer paying $38,000 a year to house and feed each prisoner.</p> <blockquote> <p>Illinois&rsquo; criminal-justice system must ensure public safety &ndash; it must also be fair and effective. Refocusing priorities by reforming the way the system punishes people for low-level possession offenses will lower costs and allow police to focus on serious crimes, while also ensuring that the state doesn&rsquo;t ensnare people caught with small amounts of marijuana in a costly and ineffective system.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;</p> </blockquote> Ohio Senate panel defers changes to medical marijuana bill https://wheresweed.com/blog/2016/may/ohio-senate-panel-defers-changes-to-medical-marijuana-bill <p>Voter passed marijuana initiatives are moving faster than some legislators are comfortable with. Ohio could join of the list of states legalizing some form of marijuana this November, but legislators are doing everything they can to pass their own bill first. The legislative bill allows patients to puchase non-smokable forms of marijuana to be vaporized, but no home grows would be allowed. C<span style="line-height:1.6em">ommunities would be able to vote against having local dispensaries, as well as employers maintaining the&nbsp;right to test for drugs in the workplace. The bill also creates a 9 member Medical Marijuan Control Commission to regulate all aspects of the legal dispensaries. After passing the House, the legislation will be tweaked by the Senate during this week, hoping to pass the bill by the end of the month.&nbsp;</span></p> <blockquote> <p>The bill would bar patients from smoking the substance but allow them to use it in vapor form. They couldn&#39;t grow it at home. Communities could opt out of hosting dispensaries, and employers who want to maintain drug-free workplaces would be protected from liability.</p> <p>They&#39;re seeking to head off a proposed November ballot issue supported by the national medical marijuana movement.</p> </blockquote> Governor who called legalization 'reckless' now says Colorado's pot industry is working https://wheresweed.com/blog/2016/may/governor-who-called-legalization-reckless-now-says-colorados-pot-industry-is-working <p>When Colorado became the first state to legalize recreational marijuana, it was not through the legislature, and it did not have the approval of Gov. Hickenlooper, but it was the&nbsp;voters who came together to bring positive change. Similar to many legislators, Gov. Hickenlooper was concerned for public health and safety, but after several years of ironing out the details in the program, the governor now shares the opinion of so many Colorado residents, the sky isnt falling and&nbsp;the law is working. Not only is the industry showing massive success, but Colorado continues to have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country (4.2%) and the state has been ranked as one of the best places to live. Many were unsure it could happen, but it seems like marijuana has settled as a permanent part of Colorado.</p> <blockquote> <p>&ldquo;In the short run, there have been a lot fewer public safety and health issues than the governor feared in the beginning,&rdquo; said Freedman, who is often referred to as the state&rsquo;s marijuana czar. &ldquo;In the beginning, we had problems with edibles and hash oil fires but now, for the most part, Colorado looks a lot like it did before legalization.&rdquo;</p> <p>Marijuana consumption has not changed much from pre-legalization levels and there has been no significant increase in public health and safety problems, he said.</p> <p>As for the $100 million in tax revenue, Freedman noted, that&#39;s out of a $27-billion state budget.</p> <p>Some 70% of the money is earmarked for school construction, public health initiatives and other projects. The rest goes back into regulating the industry.</p> </blockquote> Congressional Forces Vote Against Studying Medical Marijuana as Alternative to Painkillers https://wheresweed.com/blog/2016/may/congressional-forces-vote-against-studying-medical-marijuana-as-alternative-to-painkillers <p>Marijuana support has been progressing allover the country as more states legalize, but congress continues to deny the American people proper research into the drug that helps so many. This week, the US House Rules Committee had a chance to include marijuana in the future research of opioid addiction as an alternative or in cohesion with prescription pain killers. Two&nbsp;amendmends including&nbsp;further research into medical marijuana were both denied by the committee, and then a finally a third pro-marijuana amendment was rejected, one which would have allowed CBD (the non-psychoactive&nbsp;cannabinoid that treats seizures in children in many states) to avoid being treated as a controlled substance. After all hope for medical marijuana was struck from the bill, it passed the House vote with flying colors as our congress continues to dictate what substances are used in our own bodies.&nbsp;</p> <blockquote> <p>&ldquo;Medical marijuana is a possible and likely way to reduce opioid prescription painkiller abuse for chronic pain,&rdquo; Polis said. &ldquo;And unfortunately, it&rsquo;s hardly been explored due to government policy, in large part because of the federal government&rsquo;s monopoly on legal cultivation and studies.&rdquo;&nbsp;</p> <p>Unfortunately, this means that thousands of Americans will likely continue to die every year as a result of opioid overdoses, while a promising solution&mdash;one which is now legal in almost half the nation&mdash;remains an outlawed medication in the eyes of the federal government.</p> </blockquote> Garfield Ridge Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens https://wheresweed.com/blog/2016/may/garfield-ridge-medical-marijuana-dispensary-opens <p>Midway Dispesary opened on April 26, less than a month ago, as the only dispensary of it&#39;s kind in southwest Chicago. As most dispensary owners who jumped at the new industry&#39;s opportunities, they expected huge numbers, but the state&#39;s patient registration is difficult enough that there are only 6,200 patients of the anticipated 50,000. One patient, Joey Pesoli, has gone through never-ending hospital visits and prescription pain-killer addiction only to finally find relief in medical marijuana. Shops like Midway Dispensary sell smokable buds, medicated food, and cannabis oils for vaping.&nbsp;</p> <blockquote> <p>&ldquo;It&rsquo;s an insane process to get it,&rdquo; said Joey Pesoli, 27, of the 5300 block of New England. He&rsquo;s been a medical marijuana user for the past three months. &ldquo;I don&rsquo;t have to go through this to go into a doctor&rsquo;s office and get a hundred OxyContin pills. What is really more dangerous?&rdquo;</p> <p>Marijuana has changed Pesoli&rsquo;s life. Smoking a small amount relieves his pain and helps him sleep. He is now on a small dose of pain medication and plans to kick prescribed pain pills completely.</p> <p>&ldquo;Medical marijuana is so much better than pain pills,&rdquo; he said. &ldquo;People aren&rsquo;t stupid anymore.&rdquo;</p> </blockquote> Marijuana industry sees green in Florida https://wheresweed.com/blog/2016/may/marijuana-industry-sees-green-in-florida <p>Florida is one of many states that will have a chance to legalize some forms of marijuana this November, so it&#39;s a no brainer as to why the state hosted a huge marijuana business conference and expo. The 2015 voter initiative to legalize marijuana narrowly failed to get the needed 60% of the vote to pass, but advocates are awaiting the state&#39;s second chance to make a difference. While no actual marijuana was permitted to be&nbsp;bought, sold, or smoked during the expo, 3,000&nbsp;entrepreneurs, advocates, and investors gathered to discuss all parts of the industry from growing and cultivating, to stashing money and product in safes.</p> <blockquote> <p>&quot;We&#39;re here in Florida, because at all of our national events that we&#39;ve hosted, we&#39;ve had very strong attendance out of Florida. We are confident that when, and it&#39;s not going to be an if, when Florida legalizes marijuana on a medical or a recreational level, the Florida market is going to be absolutely huge,&quot; said Marijuana Business Daily CEO Cassandra Farrington, whose publication organized the three-day convention at the Gaylord Palms Resort &amp; Convention Center.</p> <p>The industry creates jobs, helps sick people and puts money into state coffers, said Keber a developer from Alabama who launched his Colorado-based company six years ago and is now operating in six states.</p> </blockquote> Medical marijuana store opens in June https://wheresweed.com/blog/2016/may/medical-marijuana-store-opens-in-june <p>A new dispensary, Leafline Labs, will be moving into&nbsp;33rd Avenue and 2nd Street South,&nbsp;St. Cloud, Minnesota and plans to open by the first week of June. The store owners are eager to open and bring relief to local patients, however anyone in need of medication before the grand opening can purchase more (if approved) at Leafline&#39;s other locations in Cottage Grove and Eagen. With only 1,324 patients currently approved to use medical marijuana in Minnesota, Leafline hopes that more locations will not only allow more access, but also welcome new patients who may not be familiar with medical marijuana&#39;s benefits.</p> <blockquote> <p>Bachman believes that opening additional stores could cause more people in outstate Minnesota to inquire about medical marijuana and apply to be added to the state registry of approved patients.</p> <p>&quot;Once a month people are driving four, four-and-a-half hours to get to us because ... other medications didn&#39;t work,&quot; he said.</p> <p>He plans to engage the public in educational sessions in the St. Cloud area about his products and to dispel misinformation about medical marijuana.</p> </blockquote> Uber for Stoners: Marijuana-Friendly Ride Loopr Launches https://wheresweed.com/blog/2016/may/uber-for-stoners-marijuana-friendly-ride-loopr-launches <p>Planning a big night with your friends in Denver? Even if it&#39;s just another weekend, it&#39;s the perfect time to try the new&nbsp;chauffeur app that resembles Uber, but for the toker&nbsp;out on the town. Loopr is a &quot;mobile cannabis lounge&quot; that allows customers to purchase a pass for a specified length of time (24 hours - $25, 72 hours - $60, etc) that allows them to enter/exit the bus around Denver as they please.&nbsp;<span style="line-height:1.6em">Loopr&nbsp;began their opening days with 4pm-midnight rides on Thursday and Friday, noon-midnight on Saturday, and 10am-noon on Sunday with future plans to open throughout the week. The 44-seat bus includes free wifi, bathroom, dab rigs, and any smoking tool you could want.</span></p> <blockquote> <p>The app is sleek in design and easy to navigate, drawing out a detailed map of the bus&#39;s route. During its designated hours, Loopr will circle the city, focusing on the most hopping parts of town. And as you roll along, you can smoke marijuana between your designated stops &mdash; or just ride Loopr all night, if you feel so inclined.&nbsp;</p> </blockquote> Signature drive begins for medical marijuana in Oklahoma https://wheresweed.com/blog/2016/may/signature-drive-begins-for-medical-marijuana-in-oklahoma <p>Oklahomans for Health, a marijuana advocacy group, began their initiative to bring medical marijuana to the voter ballot in November. Starting this late into the year, the group has only 90 days from now to gather 66,000 valid signatures to ensure the initiative has a chance. If passed, the bill would allow patients under a doctor&#39;s care to access and use medical marijuana, as well as setup a program for medical marijuana dispensaries. With the initiative&#39;s late start this year, Oklahomans for Health have also sponsored a second initiative targeted for next year, in the event that not enough signatures are gathered this year.</p> <blockquote> <p>The proposal would legalize medical marijuana for those under a doctor&#39;s care. It would also legalize commercial marijuana dispensaries. The group is also supporting a second proposal to allow groups one year instead of 90 days to collect the number of signatures needed to get a proposal on the ballot.</p> <p>Oklahomans for Health has 90 days to collect the signatures of about 66,000 registered voters in order to get the question on the November ballot.</p> </blockquote> Jamaica Government Pushes to Gain a Piece of the Medical Marijuana Industry https://wheresweed.com/blog/2016/may/jamaica-government-pushes-to-gain-a-piece-of-the-medical-marijuana-industry <p>The Jamaican 2016/17 budget debate opened up this week with statements from the Finance Minister, Audley Shaw,&nbsp;on essential policy to achieve the necessary growth - legal marijuana and hemp. Shaw&nbsp;himself will be leading the project by preparing potential industry farmers as well as facilities to add value to the product (concentrated marijuana products) for export. As well as increasing Jamaica&#39;s tourism, Shaw is proposing Jamaica as the future medical marijuana capital of the world.&nbsp;</p> <blockquote> <p>Accordingly, he said the country &quot;must move with a sense of urgency and turn ganja which has been a negative for Jamaica into a major asset creating wealth for our country.&quot;</p> <p>&quot;Canada has built a major industry which is opening up for full legalization next year. The Dutch ministry of Health is exporting medical marijuana to Canada, Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic. Israel which is the largest recipient of United Sates aid has over 12,000 medical marijuana patients and is leading the world in research on medical marijuana,&quot; he elaborated.</p> </blockquote> Appeals court leaves Iowa marijuana rules intact https://wheresweed.com/blog/2016/may/appeals-court-leaves-iowa-marijuana-rules-intact <p>Iowa state appeals court upholds the decision this week to keep marijuana as a schedule 1 substance with no medical value. In 2014, Iowa legislators passed a limited medical marijuana bill allowing only for CBD oil low in THC for patients, but like many states they never followed through with a system to allow patients access to the drug. One marijuana activist, Carl Olsen, has worked for many years to educate legislators about the medical benefits, and though most lawmakers want to see the bill move forward, they have yet to agree on the policy, leaving patients to suffer in the meantime.</p> <blockquote> <p>&quot;The board should have the same interest that I do to get this solved and get this out of their hair so they don&#39;t have to keep dealing with it,&quot; said Olsen, a self-described activist for marijuana use. &quot;I&#39;m not going to let them off the hook.&quot;</p> <p>The board makes recommendations to the Legislature on revisions to the classification of controlled substances, but it&#39;s up to lawmakers to enact policy. The appeals court determined Wednesday that the board was not required to make yearly recommendations.</p> </blockquote>