Where's Weed Marijuana News Blog https://wheresweed.com/blog Blog about medical marijuana dispensaries, politics and legal weed Jeff Sessions says it would be 'healthy' to have 'more competition' among medical marijuana growers for research https://wheresweed.com/blog/2017/oct/jeff-sessions-says-it-would-be-healthy-to-have-more-competition-among-medical-marijuana-growers-for-research <p>In a potential change of heart, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has said it would be healthy to have more competition in the medical marijuana supply for federal research on the plant. Traditionally Sessions has been about as anti-marijuana as a politician can get. He has made comments and intimidated some in the industry into thinking that the Trump administration will be cracking down on state-legal cannabis businesses, but has yet to make any major moves. This new stance comes at a time when science and understanding of cannabis is needed most and everyone is looking to the federal government to finally legalize and regulate the plant.&nbsp;</p> <blockquote> <p>&quot;I think it would be healthy to have some more competition in the supply but I&rsquo;m sure we don&rsquo;t need 26 new suppliers,&quot; Sessions said.</p> <p>Hatch, while maintaining that he is opposed to the &quot;broad legalization,&quot; of marijuana, said he believes &quot;scientists need to study the potential benefits and risks of marijuana.&quot;</p> <p>Sessions, however, said today he wants a limited expansion of this program, saying that he doesn&#39;t want the Justice Department to greenlight all 26 applications, and raised questions about how much it would cost the DEA to oversee the operations.</p> </blockquote> 130-acre marijuana park to be largest east of Mississippi, developer says https://wheresweed.com/blog/2017/oct/130-acre-marijuana-park-to-be-largest-east-of-mississippi-developer-says <p>The city of Lansing, Michigan is deep into plans for the largest marijuana park east of Mississippi. The city itself is currently waiting to see if it&#39;s recently passed medical marijuana ordinance will remain as it has been petitioned and is under review. But the strenght and support of the industry has officials confident that medical marijuana will shine through. The 130-acre park is planned to host marijuana businesses of all kinds from growing and processing to testing and transport&nbsp;and provide around 1,000 jobs. Once ground is broken and the businesses are all given the go-ahead there will be job fairs and welcome events to begin filling necessary spots. The U.S. Cannabis industry is expected to blow passed the $20 billion mark and continue growing for years.</p> <blockquote> <p>Once the first phase of the Harvest Park is completed, then it will be on to the other 67 acres, with the goal of opening the park this spring.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>&ldquo;As we get further along the road, we&rsquo;ll have specific bylaws, rules and regulations,&quot; Donahue said of Harvest Park&#39;s tenants.&nbsp;</p> <p>As the park attracts tenants, Donahue expects to see a creation of &quot;ancillary businesses&quot; that specialize in fields like packaging, machine operation and data analytics. Once tenants commit to Harvest Park, he anticipates there will be several job postings and job fairs.&nbsp;</p> <p>&quot;We&#39;re just providing an opportunity,&quot; Township Supervisor Marcus Braman said.&nbsp;</p> </blockquote> In Canada, Marijuana Edible Sales Delayed Even As Interest Among Canadians Grows https://wheresweed.com/blog/2017/oct/in-canada-marijuana-edible-sales-delayed-even-as-interest-among-canadians-grows <p>With Canada&#39;s legal recreational marijuana market right around the corner the interest has been growing exponentially. One major piece of the industry though was originally left out, edibles, but now Canadian lawmakers have changed their minds and decided to include cannabis infused edibles, but not until 2019. That&#39;s right, the antipated start date for initial recreational cannabis sales is set for July 2018, but edibles have been offset to begin July 2019. Some states in the U.S. felt that when they began sales of edibles that it wasn&#39;t done perfectly. Not every consumer was educated properly on dosage and it ended up with people taking too much and becoming more intoxicated than intended. Canadian officials are hoping to derail this misunderstanding by giving consumers time to understand the plant and it&#39;s effects before allowing people to purchase and use edibles.</p> <blockquote> <p>Why delay edibles in the first place? Because some have concerns about the potency of the products and the lack of knowledge among the public about how they work.</p> <p>Put simply, edible users typically wait longer to feel the effects of marijuana because they work through the body&#39;s digestive system rather than the quicker route through the respiratory system. That&#39;s an issue because people sometimes eat more than recommended when they don&#39;t immediately feel the effects.</p> <p>Coincidentally, the committee&#39;s vote came out as a new survey shows a great deal of interest among Canadians for trying edibles.</p> </blockquote> Pennsylvania's first legal marijuana crop gets the green light https://wheresweed.com/blog/2017/oct/pennsylvanias-first-legal-marijuana-crop-gets-the-green-light <p>Pennsylvania patients with any of 17 different illnesses can qualify to use medical marijuana, but the state&#39;s program is not yet up and running. After years of hard work and litigation the first state licensed medical marijuana grower/processor was approved to begin production on their first crop of cannabis. 11 other growers were also awarded licenses and are expected to begin production on their first crops in the coming weeks and months as well. Pennsylvania&#39;s medical marijuana law does not allow for patients to buy plant matter, but instead pills, oils, and topicals will be made available. This first grower/processor, Cresco Yeltrah, will be growing over 30 different strains of cannabis and provide to their patients a wide range of products from high CBD to high THC cannabis products. The full growth cycle for the plants takes about 120 days and products are expected to be available by February 2018.</p> <blockquote> <p>Cresco Yeltrah is cleared to begin accepting seeds and clones to grow medical marijuana after undergoing several state health inspections, according to Tuesday&#39;s announcement. It also is fully integrated with the state-approved seed-to-sale tracking system.</p> <p>&quot;In the coming weeks, we expect the 11 other grower/processors to be ready to grow and process medical marijuana,&quot; Acting Health Secretary and Physician General Rachel Levine said in a statement. &quot;We are working with them, as well as the dispensaries, to ensure the program stays on track. Patients are our first priority, and we want to get medication to them as safely and efficiently as possible.&quot;</p> </blockquote> Legal marijuana is saving lives in Colorado, study finds https://wheresweed.com/blog/2017/oct/legal-marijuana-is-saving-lives-in-colorado-study-finds <p>With several years of data it&#39;s clear that medical marijuana greatly reduces the&nbsp;amount of prescription opioid overdoses, but a new&nbsp;study is showing that recreational marijuana can also decrease prescription opioid deaths. Though only two years of data has been collected since Colorado&#39;s recreational marijuana shops opened in 2014, the decline in opioid abuse has been consistent with the implementation of legal cannabis. Adults are using cannabis to treat symptoms like pain which are often treated with prescription pain killers, but it seems more people are choosing cannabis over opioids, possibly for the lack of dependency that comes with using the plant. When controlling for medical marijuana&#39;s effects on the opioid crisis, the study found that in 2 years recreational cannabis reduced opioid deaths by 6.5%.</p> <blockquote> <p>&ldquo;After Colorado&rsquo;s legalization of recreational cannabis sale and use, opioid-related deaths decreased more than 6% in the following 2 years,&rdquo; write authors Melvin D. Livingston, Tracey E. Barnett, Chris Delcher and Alexander C. Wagenaar.</p> <p>Marijuana is often highly effective at treating the same types of chronic pain that patients are often prescribed opiates for. Given the choice between marijuana and opiates, many patients appear to be opting for the former.</p> <p>From a public health standpoint, this is a positive development, considering that relative to opiates, marijuana carries essentially zero risk of fatal overdose.</p> </blockquote> Canada's Proposed Tax on Recreational Marijuana Looks to Be a Major Win for Pot Producers https://wheresweed.com/blog/2017/oct/canadas-proposed-tax-on-recreational-marijuana-looks-to-be-a-major-win-for-pot-producers <p>The United State&#39;s cannabis industry is growing at a tremendous rate and could reach 300% growth from 2016-2021, but with the federal government and the current presidential administration heavily opposing the plant, it&#39;s not the United States that people are wanting to invest in, but Canada&#39;s cannabis stocks.&nbsp; Current legislation in Canada will have recreational marijuana legal by July 1, 2018, and now that business owners and investors understand the incoming regulations and taxes, there is a huge possibility for return investment. Canada&#39;s plan to eradicate the black market is to not only meet demand, but keep prices and taxation competitive. A safe and properly regulated industry gives adults much more incentive to purchase the plant legally. The current medical marijuana growing companies already have plans for expansion and the news of a competitive incoming industry has stocks soaring high.&nbsp;</p> <blockquote> <p>According to Canadian officials, the proposal involves a $1-per-gram tax ($0.80 in U.S. currency) on marijuana sales costing up to $10 a gram (or $8 U.S.). The tax for more expensive marijuana above $10 a gram would be a flat 10%. This excise-tax outline allows legal marijuana to be priced very similarly to that of black-market weed and, perhaps more importantly, taxes recreational marijuana at a lower rate than alcohol in Canada. These four pot producers have to be thrilled with this excise-tax proposal.</p> <p>The Canadian government also outlined that it&#39;ll be splitting the tax revenue 50-50 with the provinces. This revenue is expected to be used by provinces to regulate and police the production, distribution, and sale of recreational weed.&nbsp;</p> </blockquote> Northern Michigan University offers marijuana degree: “Not easy at all” https://wheresweed.com/blog/2017/oct/northern-michigan-university-offers-marijuana-degree-not-easy-at-all <p>Less than 10 years ago the state of Michigan legalized the use of medical marijauna, now the University of Michigan has a major based around the chemistry, biology, botany, horticulture, marketing, and finance of the plant&#39;s growing industry. Other universities offer&nbsp;classes on cannabis polcy and law but this program focuses on the all around industry through a 4 year degree. With the confusion surrounding the changing cannabis laws it&#39;s important to have educated adults in the industry who understand how it works and why.</p> <blockquote> <p>Northern Michigan University in Marquette began its medical plant chemistry program this semester, with about a dozen students in the first class, the Detroit Free Press reported . The program combines chemistry, biology, botany, horticulture, marketing and finance.</p> <p>University officials say the program fills a need because 29 states have legalized medical marijuana, including eight states where marijuana is also legal for recreational use.</p> <p>&ldquo;Many of the states are legalizing different substances and they&rsquo;re really looking for quality people to do the chemistry and the science,&rdquo; said university trustee James Haveman. &ldquo;And it&rsquo;s the university&rsquo;s responsibility to produce those kinds of students for those kinds of jobs.&rdquo;</p> </blockquote> Michigan officials prepare for influx of medical marijuana applications https://wheresweed.com/blog/2017/oct/michigan-officials-prepare-for-influx-of-medical-marijuana-applications <p>With an application opening date and a long anticipatory closing, Michigan medical marijuana dispensary owners are anxious about the upcoming licensing of the new program. Regulators are expecting a huge amount of medical marijuana business applications on December 15th when the applications become available for the 5 categories, growers, processors, testers, transporters, and dispensaries. The primary issue at the moment is that after the application opening on Dec. 15 dispensaries are supposed to shut down until the license is awarded and the first crop is grown, possibly up to 6 months later. The thought of shutting down the current medical marijuana dispensaries for any amount of time is scary for some patients that rely on the medication, though legislators are discussing allowing some dispensaries to operate before the official licensing.</p> <blockquote> <p>&quot;We may have 50. We may have 1,500. We may have 5,000,&quot; Shelly Edgerton, director of the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, told an audience of nearly 200 people who showed up at an Ann Arbor hotel on a rainy Sunday afternoon to learn about getting into the lucrative medical marijuana business.</p> <p>&quot;But we&#39;ve had close to 1,000 people who have signed up for our&nbsp; training. So we envision a large number of applicants on the first day.&quot;&nbsp;</p> </blockquote> Marijuana convention in Portland bigger than last year’s https://wheresweed.com/blog/2017/oct/marijuana-convention-in-portland-bigger-than-last-years <p>Portland, Maine hosted the New England Cannabis Network&#39;s Maine Cannabis Convention last weekend as thousands of eager visitors payed $20 to get in to see around 120 exhibitors. On it&#39;s third year now, the convention has attracted more attention each year and does not show any signs of stopping. Visitors gathered from all around New England to learn about all subjects cannabis, from what kind of businesses there are and how to start then, to how to setup and cultivate your own marijuana. Maine residents are eager to get their recreational cannabis program up and running after voters chose to legalize last fall. But similar to their southern neighbors down in Massachusetts, there are still many regulations to be set. Officials are saying at best that Maine&#39;s retail cannabis will be available by summer 2018, but at worst it could wait until spring of 2019.</p> <blockquote> <p>That market potential may explain the large crowds showing up at this year&rsquo;s convention, which offered up the same funky mix of booths as previous editions, with head shop retail outlets intermixed with businesses offering energy solutions, security services and gardening products.</p> <p>Two lecture halls were set up, one focusing on the business of cannabis, with titles such as &ldquo;Staging Your Business for Private Equity Funding,&rdquo; and the other on do-it-yourself issues with titles like &ldquo;Setting Up Your Personal Cultivation Space.&rdquo;</p> </blockquote> Puerto Rico’s Medical Marijuana Industry Takes a Hit Due to Hurricane https://wheresweed.com/blog/2017/oct/puerto-ricos-medical-marijuana-industry-takes-a-hit-due-to-hurricane <p>Natural disasters have taken a great toll on the mainland in the U.S. but even more so on the islands like Puerto Rico where weeks after Hurricane Maria hit only 17% of islanders have power and 36% are still left without water. These hardships also extend to the island&#39;s new medical marijuana program which only began last December. The new industry was the only one that was creating new jobs as well as showing promise to break into their large debt. Though facing heavy struggle, 20 out of 29 dispensaries have reopened to bring medication to the patients in need. Many of the crops have been destroyed, but to keep the indoor crops alive growers are having to rely on diesel generators and a short supply of water. Medical marijuana shops are supplying medication for patients covering over a dozen illnesses including Alzheimer&#39;s, cancer, Lou Gehrig&#39;s disease, Parkinson&#39;s and more. Patients were initially only able to pickup their cannabis medication at 1 location but due to the state of emergency any open clinic will be able to fill their prescription.</p> <blockquote> <p>But the island&rsquo;s medical marijuana companies are starting to make a comeback; 20 of 29 medical marijuana dispensaries have reopened, according to the association. In the first two weeks after the storm, only four dispensaries could fill prescriptions.</p> <p>In an Oct. 6 determination, the Puerto Rican Department of Cannabis&#39; board approved allowing patients to go to any open clinic, regardless of the dispensary they had been assigned. The new rule lasts until two weeks after the state of emergency has ended or until the board decides to terminate it.</p> <p>&quot;It&rsquo;s not only about the industry,&rdquo; said Alexis Derrios, the dispensary manager of San Juan-based Caribbean Green. &ldquo;It&rsquo;s about people that need their medicine. Especially now that people depend on this medicine rather than pharmaceuticals. We don&rsquo;t want to let them down.&rdquo;</p> </blockquote> Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo kicks off in Phoenix https://wheresweed.com/blog/2017/oct/southwest-cannabis-conference-and-expo-kicks-off-in-phoenix <p>Phoenix, Arizona hosted the Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo last week as thousands of people met up to learn about the developing medical marijuana industry and see some of the 250 exhibits on display. As the &quot;world&#39;s fastest growing industry&quot; there is a lot to learn from rules and regulations, to starting a business, marketing or even growing the plant itself. Education is the number 1 priority for the convention, but not just for medical marijuana patients. Arizona lawmakers were not only invited, but were given free passes in hopes that those who have not given a chance or been exposed would have the best opportunity to learn what it&#39;s truly all about. Though many cannabis products were on display and taught about, no products were sold or allowed to leave with visitors. Special speakers included the former President of Mexico Vincent Fox, Cheryl Shuman, and Marvin Washington.</p> <blockquote> <p>Downing said he is hoping to create an environment where anyone can learn about marijuana and its therapeutic and medicinal benefits.&nbsp;</p> <p>Anyone, including Arizona lawmakers. Free passes are available to lawmakers interested in learning more about the industry, Downing said.&nbsp;</p> <p>&quot;I would encourage those who want to regulate marijuana in a responsible manner to understand branding, marketing and advertising thoroughly.&quot;</p> <p>The event kicked off on Thursday with a crash course into beginning a career in the marijuana industry and a boot camp for investors curious about opportunities in the &quot;world&#39;s fastest-growing industry.&quot;</p> </blockquote> Estero to consider medical marijuana dispensary ban https://wheresweed.com/blog/2017/oct/estero-to-consider-medical-marijuana-dispensary-ban <p>The Village Planning and Zoning board of Estero, FL is recommending that the city put a ban on all requests for development orders, permit requests, and license applications for medical marijuana facilities. The board is citing the Marijuana Policy Group&#39;s recommended ratio of 67,222 people per medical marijuana dispensary, of which Estero only has a population of 31,000. Currently the city is still within last year&#39;s moratorium on medical marijuana shops and want to act before that time is up. Residents who want at least 1 medical marijuana dispensary will have to make their voice heard at the Village Hall on Oct. 17. Though the city falls under that recommended threshold, with enough seasonal residents that city attracts it might make sense to have a local medical marijuana option instead of making residents have to drive the next city or two over for their medication.</p> <blockquote> <p>Much of the ordinance&#39;s argument in favor of the ban is based on an &quot;optimal ratio&quot; from a memorandum by the Marijuana Policy Group, a Denver-based consulting firm.</p> <p>The memo states that one cannabis dispensary per 67,222 residents is preferred for cities and counties in Florida.</p> <p>According to the memo, that ratio is based on laws similar to Florida&#39;s Amendment 2, the constitutional change approved by voters last November that legalized medical marijuana for people who have specific diseases or conditions.</p> </blockquote> <p>&nbsp;</p> N.Y. lets health facilities obtain medical marijuana for patients, residents https://wheresweed.com/blog/2017/oct/ny-lets-health-facilities-obtain-medical-marijuana-for-patients-residents <p>Emergency regulations have been put into place for New York&#39;s medical marijuana program that allows hospitals, nursing homes, and disabled New Yorker residences to be classified as caregivers in order to help patients more easily obtain their medication. Temporary measures began October 5 and will be published for public comment on October 25 before being permanently adopted within 2 months. The change was put in place to help patients and their caregivers who may not be able to go out to get their cannabis medication like children and elderly confined to their homes or place of treatment. While facilities will be allowed to provide the cannabis for patients, they will not be forced to participate in this program and it&#39;s so far unknown how many have responded to the new option.&nbsp;</p> <blockquote> <p>Hospitals, nursing homes and residences for disabled New Yorkers are among facilities that could obtain medical marijuana for their patients and residents under emergency regulations issued a week ago by the state Health Department.</p> <p>The facilities would be deemed &ldquo;caregivers&rdquo; under the state medical marijuana program. New York&rsquo;s strict rules permit medical cannabis to be acquired only by patients certified as eligible for the program or their designated caregivers.</p> </blockquote> North Bay Marijuana Harvest Ravaged By Fire https://wheresweed.com/blog/2017/oct/north-bay-marijuana-harvest-ravaged-by-fire <p>The cannabis boom in California has brought many business owners in who have put everything they have into this once in a lifetime opportunity,&nbsp;some have been lucky with great success while others have had everything taken from them in recent wildfires.Though lucky to be alive, some have lost everything they&#39;ve invested into their marijuana businesses including entire crops, processing buildings, and even homes. Some larger companies are able to stay afloat due to multiple locations and incomes, but smaller farmers have been left with little options. Luckily there have been relief efforts to help these smaller businesses get back on their feet, with help from friends in the wine industry and North Bay marijuana farmers, many of these businesses will be saved from going under. Donations are being accepted through SPARC as well as The California Growers Association. There is still plenty of cannabis in the state to keep dispensaries stocked, but it will take time and a lot of hard work to get the destroyed farms back up and running.</p> <blockquote> <p>The timing couldn&rsquo;t be worse. SPARC and other cultivators are in the middle of their harvest, and their losses will be major. Pearson may be able to save some of his crop through CO2 extraction for oils, he says. And as far as his dispensary&rsquo;s supply chain, &ldquo;there&rsquo;s plenty of cannabis in California.&rdquo; The dispensary has made arrangements to stock up from other providers, and both locations remain open for business as usual.</p> <p>But Pearson is a big fish, and his concern, from an industry perspective, is for the small farmers. In Sonoma, hundreds of them are transitioning from an unregulated market to a regulated one, and this year in particular, they&rsquo;ve spent money on biological impact reports for their land, on application fees, and on other investments to enter the legal fray.</p> </blockquote> 11% Of Government Employees In D.C. Area Have Bought Legal Marijuana, Survey Suggests https://wheresweed.com/blog/2017/oct/11-of-government-employees-in-dc-area-have-bought-legal-marijuana-survey-suggests <p>There are many negative stereotypes associated with cannabis use, but the more marijuana becomes out in the open as an industry the more those stereotypes have begun to disappear. In a recent survey covering parts of Washington D.C., Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia, 11% of government employees surveyed have bought marijuana legally, making a total of all 16.7% of cannabis buyers. While some may find that number surprising, it might be more surprising to find out that 41% of government employees approve of both medical and recreational cannabis. This doesn&#39;t qiute reflect what some&nbsp;government positions might think, like Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Nearly 50% of cannabis consumers identify as Independent, much higher than only 27% and 25% who consider themselves more liberal or conservative.</p> <blockquote> <p>Keith Stroup, legal counsel at the marijuana advocacy group NORML, said that many of the government employees who are in favor of legalization aren&#39;t in positions that require drug testing. &ldquo;Those in charge are anti-marijuana, but that doesn&#39;t represent what most people believe in the higher levels of these agencies. Most people at the Department of Justice are frankly embarrassed by Attorney General Sessions.&rdquo;</p> <p>&ldquo;I think it&rsquo;s clear that the data debunks many of the negative connotations attached to cannabis use &ndash; weather for medicinal or recreational use,&rdquo; said Jeff Stein, Vice President at Consumer Research Around Cannabis. &ldquo;They are well educated, have good jobs and are on financially sound. Cannabis consumer data like this should be a wake-up call to government officials and companies that have thus far ignored this growing consumer group.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> </blockquote> Michigan marijuana proposals head to the ballot https://wheresweed.com/blog/2017/oct/michigan-marijuana-proposals-head-to-the-ballot <p>Michigan has been very back and forth when it comes to legalizing marijuana but now Detroit will have another chance to address the issues to the city&#39;s medical marijuana program. On this Nov. 7th ballot voters will have their chance to say YES on two proposals, one of which would allow dispensaries to operate within 500ft of parks, liquor stores, churches etc, instead of the current 1000ft restriction. The other proposal would bring the city in line with state law in allowing growers and secure transporters to operate in Detroit&#39;s M1-5 industrial districts. Opposition to the bills remain the same as usual marijuana law oppositions in that they want cannabis businesses to be as far away from their town as possible, but they deserve a place in the community as bringers of jobs and safe access to legitimate medicine.&nbsp;</p> <blockquote> <p>The latest fight over marijuana in Detroit hits the polls on Nov. 7. On an otherwise pretty spare ballot there will be two questions put to voters that arrived via petition initiatives run by a group called Citizens for Sensible Cannabis Reform.</p> <p>The first proposal does several things, but most significantly it cuts the distance a provisioning center can be from parks, day care centers, liquor stores, churches, and other provisioning centers from 1,000 feet, as currently required, to 500 feet, and allows them to stay open an hour later to 9 p.m.</p> </blockquote> Advocates plan outreach, education for marijuana PTSD treatment https://wheresweed.com/blog/2017/oct/advocates-plan-outreach-education-for-marijuana-ptsd-treatment <p>Cannabis advocates rejoiced after years of hardwork&nbsp;now that PTSD has been added to Colorado&#39;s list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana treatment. The state passed it&#39;s medical marijuana law back in 2000 but has not added any conditions since then. Some doctors have taken a turn from traditional medicine in support of new cannabis treatments and have been educating others during discussions and public outreaches. Dr. Sarah Berke was trained in western medicine but now advises patients on specific treatment options like using both THC and CBD together for maximum benefits, as well as &quot;inhale to fall asleep, ingest to stay asleep&quot;, and many others including how to control PTSD episodes.&nbsp;</p> <blockquote> <p>Cannabis is &ldquo;clinically proven to extinguish the &lsquo;Intrusive Memories&rsquo; that trigger episodes of PTSD,&rdquo; she said in her presentation. It also helps with anxiety and sleep problems, two other symptoms associated with PTSD. For insomnia, Berke advises, &ldquo;Inhale to fall asleep, ingest to stay asleep,&rdquo; suggesting that an edible taken about an hour before bedtime helps to ensure a good night&rsquo;s rest. In her experience, Dr. Berke has found that a combination of CBD and THC cannabinoids, not just one or the other, works best for pain management.</p> </blockquote> Reading mayor walks out of meeting over marijuana resolution https://wheresweed.com/blog/2017/oct/reading-mayor-walks-out-of-meeting-over-marijuana-resolution <p>It&#39;s clear after this week&#39;s city council meeting in Reading, PA that some elected officials still have no understanding of how cannabis prohibition is more harmful to young people and our justice system than the use of the plant itself. After city council members voted to urge Pennsylvania lawmakers to pass legislation lowering penalties for possessing small amounts of marijuana, the mayor of Reading walked out of the meeting&nbsp;due to his disagreement. City council members agreed that young people caught with a small amount of cannabis should not face incarceration and use unneccessary amounts of tax dollars.&nbsp;</p> <blockquote> <p>Mayor Wally Scott left council chambers, taking Managing Director Glenn Steckman with him, after council members approved a resolution regarding penalties for marijuana possession.</p> <p>The resolution urges Pennsylvania lawmakers to pass statewide legislation that would provide all police departments with the discretion to charge the possession of a small amount of marijuana as a summary offense, rather than a misdemeanor.</p> <p>Councilman John Slifko said the resolution does not decriminalize or condone the use of marijuana but makes the penalty proportionate to the offense.</p> </blockquote> US Territory Considers Legal Marijuana Bill https://wheresweed.com/blog/2017/oct/us-territory-considers-legal-marijuana-bill <p>A U.S. territory, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) could join the 8 other U.S. states that have legalized and regulated recreational cannabis for adult use. The territory is holding a hearing next week for a bill that would allow the population of 18,000 voters on the island to choose for themselves on the ballot of November 2018 if they would like recreational cannabis to be legal. If the current legislation is passes then adults over 21 could possess up to 4oz of cannabis, additional amounts of concentrated products, and 12 mature plants could be grown at home. If everything continues at a reasonable pace then the Cannabis Commission would be able to accept business applicaitons for the new industry by July 2019.</p> <blockquote> <p>A key CNMI Senate committee will hold a hearing on a cannabis reform bill on Tuesday and, if its supporters get their way, the territory could join the eight U.S. states that have already enacted legalization, along with the District of Columbia.</p> <p>Advocates are optimistic that this year&rsquo;s bill has a chance of being enacted if supporters show up and make their voices heard.</p> <p>&ldquo;Legalization will not happen by itself. We as a community need to engage the issue proactively if we want this to happen,&rdquo; Sensible CNMI&rsquo;s Gerry Palacios Hemley said in a press release. &ldquo;The time to act is now.&rdquo;</p> </blockquote> CBD Cleared For Use By Athletes https://wheresweed.com/blog/2017/oct/cbd-cleared-for-use-by-athletes <p>The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) made a huge move last week when they removed cannabidiol (CBD) from their list of prohibited substances, affecting hundreds of sports organizations all around the world. The only difference from the current list to next years list is adding cannabidiol as an exception to the ban on marijuana products that include THC. CBD products have gained attention over the last several years as legal marijuana has sweeped the nation. Cannabidiol products do not get the user high like other cannabis products with THC, instead the CBD is used commonly now to treat seizures, relieve pain, and CBD even acts as an anti-inflammatory and has neuroprotective traits. These new rules go into effect on January 1st.</p> <blockquote> <p>Whole-plant marijuana and THC are still banned under the new rules, which go into effect on January 1. That&rsquo;s a crucial point, because &ldquo;cannabidiol extracted from cannabis plants may also contain varying concentrations of THC,&rdquo; explains a separate WADA document summarizing changes to the organization&rsquo;s banned drugs list.</p> </blockquote>