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    I always go to Cannabis Crew for my medication needs. I love the Golden Owl tanks that they carry. You can't beat the price, or the quality. The driver I had today Katie I believe her name was, she was very professional, knowledgeable, and made the delivery in a very timely manner.

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    This has to be by far the most professional, not to mention caring group that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with! The products are amazing and the staff is awesome!

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    We have tried many services in the past but once we found Katie or search was over! She is amazing across the board, we highly recommend her.

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    The only caregiver service I have found that actually provides test results with every single product they sell.

    As someone who is homebound and trapped inside, CannabisCrew has literally been a life saver for me.

    Amazing quality flowers as well; I could not believe the tricombs on some of these sativas I have been getting.

    Thank you to my caregiver Katie and all of the wonderful folks at CC! I will never go back to a dispensary again.

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    over months of trying other services I finally found Katie and cannabis crew and I will never switch again – the product is good and the delivery is top notch, Katie in particular is always friendly and personable and provides updates so there is never anxiety over anything – I recommend highly, A++!!!

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    Cannabis Crew is top notch ! Great service from Katie, always prompt to reply and provide delivery times and always delivers on time. Great products and the more than fair with pricing. Cannabis Crew is certainly customer friendly . To be honest , I wouldn't use anyone else .

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    I absolutely LOVE the cannabis crew! Very accomodating and always a pleasure to deal with! Highly recommended.