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About this Marijuana Delivery Service






WEEDMAPS200 ||  50% off 200$ Wallet Credit  ||  (1x /user)

WEEDMAPS100 ||  25% off $100 Wallet Credit  ||  (2x /user)

WEEDMAPS75  ||  15% off $75 Wallet Credit  ||  (2x /user)

WEEDMAPS50  ||  10% off $50 Wallet Credit  ||  (2x /user)


Each person may use each code the given amount of times. Use code at checkout and make sure there are no other items in the cart.







Welcome to MediLeafs! We are a Canadian M.O.M. service that do things a little different in our part of town. From our user-friendly platform & shop to the crazy price slashes, giveaways, and contests that go down, it's safe to say we are in a league of our own.


One method of completing purchases is using your available funds in your online wallet. You may also use an Interac Email Transfer to pay for your shopping cart orders but there are never any promotions available on regular Interact purchases.


Now should you choose to purchase a Wallet Credit, this will deposit funds into your wallet for you to begin making purchases with. Using funds from your wallet is the exact same as any other method only you can take advantage of the “First Timers” promo codes that earn you discounts on all of the wallet credit amounts


First Timer promo codes are a set percentage discount given EACH of the wallet credit amounts. Each code can be used twice per person.


Did we mention you earn Loyalty Points(Leafs) as well? That's right, on EVERY purchase that's made in the shop you will earn a certain amount of "Leafs". These "Leafs" are just a fancy way to say "points" and can be used for discounts on future purchases. 

Leafs can be used towards all flower products, vape gear and most of the other products we have in our shop. We also try and keep things fun by throwing up random weekend deals that can only be purchased using your “Leafs” :p Did we mention we're different?

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