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Welcome to Chronic Plus. We are a local car delivery and Canada wide cannabis delivery company located in Nanaimo BC We offer mail order across Canada Local Delivery in Nanaimo BC. Chronic Plus wants to give you the best prices for the...


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    VERY easygoing, free delivery, quality flower especially in the $20 1/8th range!
    Can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to deliver on very backed up days, but everyone is very quick and friendly! Absolutely reccommend

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    Loved the weed! I got God and girl scout cookies. Smoked well with white ash and smooth taste. Also I got about a half gram extra when I weighed the weed I got. Great service thanks guys! 😊

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    This place has the best edibles I have ever eaten. Their are low end prices and high end flower prices which is great for everyone. Their Peanut butter cups and Nanaimo hole bars are out of this world
    Great customer service
    The best stuff

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