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  • It was good i must try them out again

  • Best dispensary ive ever done buisness with. Im a vet whos seen the world and been to alot of dispensaries and i highly recommend here.

  • Great service, on time n great weed

  • Bliss

  • I got their CBD oil and vape to help with fibro pain and my back pain and I haven't been this out of pain in years. It tastes and smells like the flavor that you get and it's easy on the lungs. I can't thank organically yours enough for such a wonderful experience.

  • Only weed shop open with low prices!!

  • This is Clone Queen/ operating under another new business name. Once word of their fraudulent activities spreads, they switch to a new name. This is an illegal, unlicensed scam business run by a convicted felon. Stay far away! You’ve been warned!

  • Ounces of dry mota aqui nunca recommend !!

  • Super chill . Fast in and out . Value priced love their glues and ogs . Clones are top notch.

  • Our go-to delivery service. No complaints!

    reviewed OG Connection
  • MY FAVORITE SHOP!!!! the BEST herb!! NICE deals for any type of price. & good atmosphere

  • Total jerks. Avoid.

  • Love IMC!! Have been ordering from them for 2 years. They are the AV's Best Bud Delivery Service. They have top shelf bud, great prices & the best dogo deals in the AV. This is the Real Deal people! Don't miss out, give them a try, You will be Happy you did! -Shari

  • Ordered from here three times already realized that their service has gotten increasingly worse. First time they came in an hour second time 1.5hours and third two hours. Weed is good, a little overpriced but for a delivery service its acceptable. Once I did get 1/8 that was a little dry but it was only 40$ so it was a cheaper one. Also the only give around 10-15$ worth of free edibles not 30$ like they claim but it's still better than nothing.

  • Really bad. They never answer the phone. The numbers they leave go directly to voicemail. Horrible just horrible service. It's 11:30 am right now and ive been calling since 10am. They don't update anything to let you know. DONT BUY FROM THEM

  • Neglected

  • I have been using organic kind since i came out here from san Diego..the staff are nice.... there on time and i have not been disappointed with anything that i got

  • really bad service amount was not as expected. Will not use it ever.

  • Thank you Mike (hope I remembered the name right) for pointing me to strains I needed. Nice gift bag for 1st timers, nice bogo deals. Will review product specifically when I've studied it more. Worth the trip, good parking. Very good detection of all strains. Good selection of vape, baked goods, glassware, chews, oh and eye drops lol.

  • Closed March 2014.

  • I just received a delivery from Purple Dot and everything was super smooth. I got the FTP deal, got a 8th of Green Crack for $30 and got 2 free pre-rolls like the deal said. Meds are dank, Green Crack has great flavor and was sticky. Haven't tried the pre-roll yet, but it looks and smells like top-shelf nugs so overall Im pretty happy right now. My new go-to delivery service, thanks guys.

  • Great service

  • Getting up the stairs is a bit of a challenge but so worth the effort. Check it out!

  • Canna LA is a newly renovated clinic who lives up to the hype. their buds r dank and affordable, meaning its budget friendly for those of u who have bills to pay. their staff is awesome and friendly. I walked in on Sunday after coming back from a long trip and they hookd me up with an xtra bomb joint and of course they always weigh heavy. all u locals best come check this spot out!

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