Delivery Reviews in Arvin, CA

  • I love mars! Me and my hubby been coming here for a while. I love there quality and prices.

  • DOGO is the best.

  • They never answer the pnone

  • I think this shop should shut down because of the poor quality of marijuana nd the bad service and the bad quality of communication.

  • 24 hours, can't be beat!

  • Again great service great smoke. Thank you

  • Good wax the weed is pretty good there too but in my preference thats my place to go for wax 👌🏼💯🔥

  • The quality and selection blew my mind compared to the other shops, GreenTribe is unique compared to other shops around Bakersfield, their budtenders know what they are talking about and very friendly. The location is very easy to get to as well. The price is very fair. This has to be by far one of the best shops in Bakersfield!

  • Best place yet

  • Awesome and fresh bud. Just found this pland and find out they have been here for 7 years! Nice, clean and fun to talk to. Fresh flower every week too so I say they have changed from they guy below.... try them.

  • This guys send patients to get medical marijuana cards from fake online clinics without doctors who create cards with fake signatures. Patients never talk to a doctor. Details here

  • Never had a problem, always count on him!

  • I love this place. Very friendly staff. Usually have what you need. Need to have a better edible selection though.

  • Loveeeee this shop it's not over priced for good bud and the guys there are always hot.

  • Great service. First time. New to area. I m so pleased with quality and price is great. My new friends thank you so much

  • This was and will not be my last great experience with Humble I feel so 😌 I can be help in a most excellent attitude and care @ Humble they truly know and advice they're client patient love and representational professionalism

  • Excellent customer service. I am a newbie and they didn't make me feel stupid being there. It's a professional dispensary, and I won't go anywhere else.

  • Employees are always nice service is great, very nice, clean and organized with nice music.. Special thanks for Cassandra Porter for help locating this website

  • Top quality and great budtenders. ...........

  • Excellent. They really help out there.

  • I love this place always feel comfortable when I go and everybody that works there is awesome never been to another shop and don't want to

    caliargirl82 reviewed CNE
  • Hi Mary, do you remember me? How you been girl? I'm coming to see you real soon...😁😀😀😀

  • I have always liked your prices and quality...😂😂

  • Awesome.

    MrRicky B. reviewed IMC
  • I don't see my review so this may be a duplicate. These guys are really great. Manicured bud, friendly service every time, and fast delivery. What more could you ask? I truly recommend them to everyone.

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