About this Marijuana Delivery Service

Welcome to Lost Sierra Cannabis Company. We are compassionate caregivers serving the Lost Sierra, Plumas County and Susanville area.

A former Chef and local resident of the Sierra Valley one day  realized there was a need for compassionate care in this area served by locals not by out of town companies and by driving to Sparks. He knew he could provide a better product at a more affordable price to the locals and together, with his partner, decided to form PCAM Plumas County Alternative Medicine/Lost Sierra Cannabis Company.

We offer boutique artisinal strains for our patients that are hard to find. We offer a discrete online service that includes getting your card and verification as well as ordering. You can pay by either cash or credit card. We have made it as discreet and easy as possible for our patients to receive their meds. We invite you to give us a try instead of driving to another state or town and see the difference local quality makes.

You can use our secure online ordering and verification system. For cashless orders we use a variety of methods. Please call our main number, 530-852-1958, for cashless ordering options.

  • Med License#PCAM