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  • Og shi

  • My go to for last 5 years. Only disp that will talk u out a sale cuz they know what u like.

  • Great product great high and great service

  • good people. knowlwdgable & reasonably great meds.!! fair prices...gret meds.......been happy with Tri Comb therapies, high desert!! real deals!!

  • Fast delivery, excellent flower, great prices. Thanks see you in a few days. P.s. Number works (909) 713-4204

  • Back in business new number (909) 713-4204

  • Love TLC home delivery service. You can access menu online and place your order the Volunteers are always friendly, Deliverys are on time.

  • Hands down best in the hd that I tried so far never ben dissapointed the whole team is by far the greatest

  • Great flower tread timing always just be blunt is the best delivery service in yucaipa. Keep it up you guys👌

  • Do you need paper work or can I place order now and pay cash on delivery?? ???

  • badass prices badass bud and wax I highly recommend this place to everyone

  • The Best OG

  • This is a down ass shop clean and nice and they had clones and dank ass buds!

  • very good. .curteous and professional. .gunna continue to use them.

  • Great bud tenders always friendly and great weed

  • I bought Charlie sheen a month ago. And it was ok. Yesterday I picked up a quarter of Gucci bcuz tender told me they just got it in. Very weak bud. Ok smell. It was real fresh But real weak And they charge 40 an eighth for that one!!!

  • This is a good spot always n in n out good, great tenders ,like my second home.....

  • Excellent, good product, good delivery. Thank you very much

  • Excellent overall. Very generous to a new patient. I could not ask for more.

  • Great service nice bub and excellent brownies.

  • This place is awesome, budtenders are knowledgeable, the meds are good, especially the top shelf strains, edibles, and concentrates. They have a dab station and a lounge area where you can chill and play some billards. Best of all open 24/7.

  • I am surprised to be giving anything but glowing reviews to Nicole and TriComb Therapies after having developed somewhat of a rapport/friendship with her/them. I was a regular customer who was fond of the fact they take credit cards (add 1 star for that). Quality was always borderline but acceptable, and presentation is always impeccable as they carry name brand products (Pop Naturals being one of them) which are nicely packaged. But, as someone who's studied up on cannabis chemistry and has made extracts using various techniques myself, I know quality when I see it, and when I do not. Most of the products I bought were waxes and oils of a very 'second rate' quality in terms of potency, taste and smell. The waxes are usually red in color, indicating that the extract is from '2nd run' or later batches. But one day I decided to try a new one suggested to me by Nicole. This time, the wax was dark blue, almost black in color and smelled like sludge (or clay). This is absolutely

  • They denied me and then 10 minutes later let my brothers in with no ID or recommendations, the weed is overpriced garbage, he could have been playing around but I seen the security guard 3 times take his gun out and walk outside for no reason, I'll never set foot on that property again, very unprofessional. "HOW DOES A PLACES LIKE THIS STAY OPEN"?

  • Excellent service attitude and product , best !!!

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