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We deliver organic awesome pot to the entire 680/580 corridor including Concord, Danville, Livermore, San Ramon, Walnut Creek, and all surrounding cities.  Our deliveries generally take about an hour.  We're open from 9-9 daily 7...


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    Hey guys, download snap.ch.at and add gbelty19 this dude has the best top shelf and he can do home delivery

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    i agree with y'all. i recommend angelalynch2012(add on s.n.a.p.c.ha.t) for best deals on top quality meds.. he has it all

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    I bought two 8ers a few days ago and I’m actually surprised with the quality of the bud. The phone guy was really nice and the delivery service was on time. Overall it was a great experience so I highly recommend it.

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