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First Time Patients

Text in your I.D. picture and or medical recommendation to 530.302.5661 OR visit our website at https://www.peopleskush.org


We deliver recreational and medical cannabis to the people in our community of Yolo county. We are in Davis and able to come out to you, We also have trained staff to answer your cannabis questions. We are licensed by the state of California.

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    Exotic gas flowers wax dabs and oil carts on deck. Discreet deliveries and top security with no signatures. Hmu: wickr: sabrinajames or Snapchat: sjems40
    Visit: www.420tradermall.com

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    I absolutely loved Nix's Medica Cannabis recommendations! Truly, he is a skilled and knowledgeab le budtender! Nix took his time with me, and was very patient with my questions! A Great Medical Cannabis Dispensary!

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