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    I went to this Salinas Cannifornia facility at the invitation of Lilly Morrison, and Dimitri ("Dima") the company's CEO for the last round of interviews for a Directorate level role within the company. I have written documentation that substantiates that my travel expenses would be fully and completely reimbursable to me. My travel expenses totaled $678.41. This included round trip airfare on Southwest, rental car plus fuel, and transportation to and from the airport of origin. Now I am being told that only $550 will be covered because that is what they think is appropriate.

    These are the actual e-mails:

    From Lilly to me:
    "Hi Michael,
    I will see if Venmo or a check works better for the company. As I informed you in your previous email, only $550 was approved for travel expenses. Not approved was your upgrade to business class or an Uber taken on the Thursday after our trip. You will only be reimbursed for the approved amount.

    Hopefully I will have an update shortly,
    From (Me) to Lilly:

    Not really sure what is going on here. Let me correct a few things.

    1. Never upgraded to Business Class. Southwest doesn’t have a business class. It was a business select ticket that I purchased so that if a date change was requested or necessary (like it was) then I could change my departure date to a different time/date without losing out on the original price of my ticket, or incurring a fee to change it; again; like it was requested that I do.
    2. When I made the change (as requested) this changed the date of my rental car. Due to this date change the car costs around $20 more to reserve on that date. Not my fault, not my problem. I also spent $14.00 in fuel to make it to your site.
    3. I would have submitted a receipt for airport parking either way. If I would have driven myself and parked my vehicle on site at Burbank all they offer is covered parking at a rate of $60 a day it would have been about the same invested on my end. Taking an Uber was a reasonable and more efficient alternative.

    I am sorry that you feel $678.41 is an issue. Not sure what I did to deserve being jerked around like this. I am requesting down to the documented penny the cost of my travel expenses as sanctioned by your firm and nothing more.

    Please just reimburse me for my expenses and let's part ways on good terms."

    Lilly's response to me:
    "Hello Michael,
    As promised, I will pass this along. I hope to have an answer for you soon.


    Due to a clear lack of response from her, or any other member of their organization I have asked Lilly if there someone else within the company in their accounting section that is available for me to discuss this issue with more directly. Go figure, there is no accounting department, or Sales Dept, Compliance Dept - METRC system, Human Resources, or any other Department that does anything relevant or legal. There has been no response from the company yet offering a rationale for their lack of follow through, or why I am being ignored for asking what they promised me to begin with?

    I can understand why they have been through as many "Master Growers" as they have, due to their organization and how it operates. This company clearly has no leadership, or competent understanding of the market that they are operating within whatsoever.

    If you are interviewing with this company, get paid up front for your travel expense. I can inly imagine what it is like working for this company. Pathetic, really pathetic.

    I learned if you take the cheap way out, and not the right way out. It's going to be more expensive in the long run. My professional advice is, if you value yourself at all, don't work for this company.

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