Delivery Reviews in Essex, CA

  • Welcome to the Family! Excited to see you guys live up to the Hype! Escondido is long over due their own Sticky Greenz!

  • Variety of strains with different price ranges for everyone 👍

    Plug Hub
  • Never been there. Talked to many people who said they would never go back. If you go to purchase at a price why would you leave a tip, that's crazy!!! Hope you agree. They have been shut down so many times, they need to call it quits, snitches get stitches they continue to call Sheriff and snitch on other collectives to get them shut down that's not cool!!!

  • The Best!

  • Never a bad experience,they are very knowledgeable on all product, and product is excellent

  • We’re the address

  • this place is rip off central 100$ per eighth yikes thats horrible and not for the patient at all buyers beware of this place and thier prices👎

  • Honestly a great experience and they're so friendly!!! I love ordering here :)

    NurseSeebi reviewed URBS
  • Good meds and cool people they never let me down meds are always fire

    Bud Hub
  • Worst delivery service in town. Melissa is such a rude bitch and treats me 67 year old with such disrespect

  • Awesome!great people,lots of choices an vreat prices

  • Someone has been calling them using my name with out me knowing of it. I would get random calls from them saying they are "processing my order" when I never called that day after this had happened a couple times, I tried to call and make a delivery and Evan told me they can no longer deliver to me and that the manager has "blacklisted my name". After numerous times I have ordered from them and they treated me like I was nothing. Very disrespectful and blames you for their mistakes. I hope everyone reads and picks a different delivery, with their prices/taxes its worth it ;)

  • wrong contact number, what's up with that

  • Great service and flowers

    Bud Hub
    Jorge D. reviewed Bud Hub
  • The best dispensary I've ever been. Everyone are Awesome very nice and friendly. Best prices

  • Chad was absolutely amazing and was so quick to deliver!! Would absolutely recommend this company as this is the first time someone was so accommodating and kind

  • One of the best services out there and I have been through what feels like hundreds over the years. Never am I ever satisfied by the quality of meds I have been delivered, or picked up, yet when I can to super dank, I was greeted with a happy smile, and service that was in compared, I begin by saying he delivered me one of the most supreme packs of seeds I’ve had the pleasure of growing and working with, and I never thanked him enough, I hope you reconsider me as a customer, I believe you know who I am, if not I added you on Instagram @benjamin83cker, much love

  • They have good bud reasonably priced

  • I have never used this place yet someone used my number AND name to place an order at my adress? Wth?

  • Great as always! Large, beautiful nuggs exactly as described.

  • Excellent

  • Have been coming to this facility for over 3 years. Always professional, quick and very knowledgeable about their products.

  • They showing love! Great knowledge and great service !

  • The best ever

    Mission Bay
  • I tried 3x to get a delivery, no response!

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