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Hercules Holistic Center is a proud employer/member of the UFCW Local 5 United Food and Commercial Worker’s Union. We are a not for profit mutual benefit cooperative., HHC provides a variety of alternative health services free monthly to all...


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    I'd have to say, most shady group I've ever dealt with. Wish I looked up reviews before vending to them seems like they have made a habit of not paying their vendors which is the life blood of their business. Don't support a Ponzi scheme or thieves. Two thumbs down

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    HHC is the best place in all of Contra Costa County. You can beat traffic and save yourself a trip to SF or Oakland. They have the Real Deal Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies and different kinds of Purple like the Grand Daddy, Purple Kush and Cadillac Purple. And for 4 grams an 8th you cant go wrong. They always treat you right and I ALWAYS leave with a big smile. Thanks HHC

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    As a vendor its good to deal with the "look you in the eye answer your call or call you back within a reasonable amount of time" type of guys. Great first experience with these guys even the owners shake your hand and make you feel welcome. Would definitely return to do business with these guys.

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