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Delivery Reviews in Isla Vista, CA

  • I had a great experience for the first time going into the dispensary. The service is great, they are very knowledgeable of the different Products.

  • Awesome service, fair prices and a knowledgeable and friendly staff.

  • There awesome I'll give them 5 Stars

  • best experience ever

  • Incredible! The flowers were great quality, all organic and crystally, potent and did me right! Brought me the relief I needed for my chronic migraines. Very knowledgable, incredible customer service and he worked within my budget, but the best part is how quick they delivered! It's all about the mouse!

  • Overall well rounded!

  • horrible service. takes way longer than expected and the weed doesn't even get you that high. they made so many mistake with placing the right phone number so they put me on the blocked list. never ever suggesting them to anyone ever. HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!

  • i use to driver to van nuys or reseda. green cuisine has cut that drive out of my weekly needs. compassion at its finest, ran by a good god fearin man adam. super helpful. super friendly and swift. dogos are in every category and u can get dogo on concentrates often. i am proud to be a loyal member, since they blessed us with their northern california success story now here in santa barbara and i believe they have went as far south as ventura. love you guys. dont know how i wuld have affordable and reliable relief without ya. jason jenkins

  • Just took my first dab of the blueberry headband shatter they brought me and man this stuff is bomb! one hit and i was rockin! this stuff is super potent! id recommend this place for anyone who wants to finally get some good bho in sb!

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