Delivery Reviews in Mather, CA

  • You decide for yourself, cause I don't know what exactly just happened. I ordered a product, and upon receiving the text he was 7 minutes away, I go outside to meet him. He then texts me he was nearby, but never texted after that. I waited patiently, outside in the cold rain for about 15 minutes, calling him maybe 5 times. No call back, no text back, no email. I was really looking forward to this delivery. What happened? UPDATE: They finally picked up me call the following day after no response from my email, texts or calls. I then used a separate phone and they finally answer. They told me the driver did not feels safe, so they could not make the delivery. That does NOT excuse the no call, no show, no email, etc. They then told me they would call me back as to why I never got a text, call or email back. I do not expect them to call back. All in all, I had a horrible experience with this seller and would not recommend them to anyone I cared about.

  • its pretty killer most of the time medians good price is time is good most of the drivers are cool but a one not to cool at all

  • Hell ya man went here to day pick up some killer top shelf indicia and I am a heavy heavy indicia smoker and this shit Ko me the F out best medical all around Austin H is the shit

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