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**FIRST TIME PATIENT**GET $5 OFF FIRST PURCHASE*MIN. ORDER $45 *VALID REC AND ID REQ. EMAIL OR TXT BEFORE PLACING ORDER209-752-0822 more strains coming daily. bluecheese and blue cookies coming up soon. Welcome to The Herbal Clinic, serving merced...


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  • I have visited 4 times and each time they welcomed me. Staff is very friendly, answered all of my questions, the staff in the back is very helpful. Showed me all the strands they have and what each one does for my specific need! What i like the most is; each time i buy my meds, i get "gold coins" you can use in ur gold coins to purchase anything you want! You get "4 gold coins" for every $1 you spend i have "296 gold coins" all ready!!

  • Awesome experience

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