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    West Coast Rx in Tracy, Ca - bad [email protected]!
    Today is August 24th, 2013. I was under the impression that my prescription expired on the 28th. No big deal so far (for all us experienced users). When I check in, his wife tells me 5 minutes later that I cannot "go back" because my "script" expired (script = drug dealer lingo). I explain to her my misunderstanding and ask if we can make an exception. She says no but refers me to a "pot doc" who can see me in just a few minutes. That's why I said drug dealer. You're not concerned with my health...just your profit. I am terminally sick..not some kid looking to get high! Hate when drug dealers ruin pot community! Oh, when the owner got on the phone cussing and yelling...way to keep it classy my friend. I never yelled or cussed once. Your behavior confirmed my fears. Typical drug dealers! This is why medical pot has a bad stigma for us legit users. Too many cases of fraud and quick "pot-doc" fixes.

    But then again...when you have a lobby of young kids waiting to get high, who cares about losing a patient. You got "customers" to replace them. = (

    West Coast Rx in Tracy, Ca - bad [email protected]!

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