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After calling, Please email us @ gentlecannabisconnection and SEND US: Your full name Government issued ID Medical Marijuana Rec. Order


As primary caregivers, Our mission is to serve our patients only the best medicinal cannabis. We are located in Southern California and look for the best bud for our patients. This business is to help those suffering from all different types of...


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    I like to try everything before I give a review and now that I've tried everything I can tell you that these people hit every single Target on product from smell taste to freshness even the spacebar was fire I'll definitely be ordering from here again

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    These guys are awesome! They are very friendly and professional in all aspects of the experience, from ordering, to calling, to receiving the bud. Everyone who works at this delivery is very knowledgeable and almost as friendly as family to their patients. Thank you guys soo much and I would definitely recommend G Touch Collective to anyone who needs great bud !

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