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Delivery Reviews in North Inland, CA

  • I went to this Salinas Cannifornia facility at the invitation of Lilly Morrison, and Dimitri ("Dima") the company's CEO for the last round of interviews for a Directorate level role within the company. I have written documentation that substantiates that my travel expenses would be fully and completely reimbursable to me. My travel expenses totaled $678.41. This included round trip airfare on Southwest, rental car plus fuel, and transportation to and from the airport of origin. Now I am being told that only $550 will be covered because that is what they think is appropriate. These are the actual e-mails: From Lilly to me: "Hi Michael, I will see if Venmo or a check works better for the company. As I informed you in your previous email, only $550 was approved for travel expenses. Not approved was your upgrade to business class or an Uber taken on the Thursday after our trip. You will only be reimbursed for the approved amount. Hopefully I will have an update

  • Great experience, laid back place but definitely there. Good prices.

  • This storefront is gone! OUT OF BUSINESS. Bummer! I really liked Lisa and Marcos. They were so friendly. THIS STORE IS NO MORE!! ATM machine gone. Entire insides stripped down. Bummer. Have to look for next favorite local spot. Or use delivery.

  • Great marijuana delivery in San Diego. Really friendly bud tenders. Everything was really fast and easy to deal. Thanks!

  • Awesome

  • Weedmaps

  • Great Service !!! Friendly, fully knowledgeable Budtenders to assist you in picking the perfect smoke. EXCELLENT, high quality bud at unbeatable prices ..... I recommend CannaLand to everyone ..... Enjoy

    4Randy reviewed Cannaland
  • Great variety of flower/concentrates/edibles/etc... The staff are awesome and the prices are decent for sure, one of my favorites for sure

  • Something is fishy at this place. The price and product change depending on who serves you. when I questioned it they got defensive and rude. I ask to speak to the owner about it and was denied.

  • The atmosphere in this shop is great ! The tenders are exceptionally knowledgeable of the strains (they def have good sativa strains). Overall, it was a dope experience ! I recommend the pineapple hashplant 👍🏾

  • Love this place. Love the price and spinning wheel is awesome. I recommend going doing there happy hour starts at for 4:20 Marijubama man cool name!!!!🤣🤣😁😁😁🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍

  • This is an illegal dispensary and they pay under the table their employees. They also denied several of their employees the tips they rightfully earned Im personally contacting the EDD, IRS and their current landlord and the landlord insurance company as they dont have insurance and Im sure the landlord has no idea they don't have the proper insurance to cover employees safely the building and employees! one slip and fall and the landlord is in bug trouble..... Also sone of the so called managers threatened my daughter by saying she was going to hurt her. We are int he process of filing several suits with all previous mentioned!

  • Great never had a problem, cool drivers, great product

  • This place sucks! I will not ever be a customer again. The people that work there are super shady tweaker types, I do not want them in my house ever again!

  • The best in town period. Fast, friendly, and awesome meds.

  • Nice and knowledgeable staffed

  • This was my first time visiting a shop. i love the staff!! well except one lol

  • Everything was on point. I just wish it was closer to me.

  • stoked on this place! Love that they always have killer bud available. I hit up their SD STRAINS and that shit is bomb!

  • WARNING! This place delivered wet, green bad weed through a friend that recommended it. I asked her to fix it so I didn't have to give a bad review but she didn't say anything and here they don't even answer the phone! The number has restricted phone calls... shady af

  • Good experience here. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I'm a novice but felt comfortable and welcomed thanks to the staff.

  • It is nice to find u there and need address too .

  • The staff was really friendly and the bud was🔥🔥🔥

  • its great has a lot of nice buds

    Peter K. reviewed THCsd
  • This place was great the samples were out of this world and the flowers are awesome too

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