Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Northridge

Dispensary Reviews in Northridge, CA

  • Melissa hitting us up with that mimiosaaa

  • Everything is overpriced. Stizzy's were $35/half gram. Flower marked at $18/gram. The Tender told me I would get a gift that she never put in the bag AND I didn't get my change back. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!

  • I absolutely love this shop it’s one of my favorites I love the staff and their happy hour prices are legit

  • Delivery only, they should stop advertising as a storefront

  • This place isn't even open anymore

  • Awesome shop... I believe we all calltis spot 2am. (Maybe this isnt it but i think it is lol) i was looking for it and found this. Anyways the saff is cool the prices are great the weed is too. Only thing is in la u can get even better quality and quantity. But in the valley u usually have to pqy a lil more. Sooo this place is 5 stars for convenience, good bid and cool staff.

  • Professional..great customer service..great product always available

  • It was an awful experience they sold faulty products (burned out oil for vape ) and dry weed and when I tried to return it (burned oil) they wouldn’t. I said so you’re pretty much stealing? The bud tender said yes and if I called back I’d get her not the owners. And she refused to give the owners information.

  • I show up almost every other day and always walk out satisfied!

  • WORST Place to look into seriously , they terrorize you call you at all times a day because i left a horrible review, BUYER BEWARE HORRIBLE weed too save your coins go elsewhere.

  • Great people, great quality production wise, top bud in L.A county.

  • How do you order ?

  • It's closed.

  • The staff here treated me badly and quite disrespectfully when all I asked for was phone number to the manager so I can discuss an item I bought and wasn't working correctly.They physically harmed me for no reason.Bad business and staff.

  • Great service, on time n great weed

  • Are you in China? How to contact you

  • Would not recommend. This is not a licensed dispensary and the products taste like hay or reclaim. When I called to voice my concerns the manager cussed me out.

  • ive been coming here for half a year now, its always been cheap and gets the job done. however the staff inside give off the worst vibes. youd expect for a place selling medicinal weed theyd have the least bit of compassion or kindess towards those paying them. anyway i walked in to the dispensary and there was just huge amounts of laughter from the other side of the door, they were busy and thats no problem i dont mind waiting. however i start to hear faint yelling until one budtender came to the window yelling “I SAID COME IN” without taking my ID or rec or anything. when she first started to say come in of course i didnt hear her because again, nobody was at the window to attend to the three people in line waiting. anyway i walk in ask for a hybrid and without giving me options she grabbed a jar, gave a quick smell, and then started to weigh it. its what i wanted to i dont mind but still id definitely spend more or feel better buying here if they made me feel like if i h

  • Bliss

  • Had a great time here, the prices were good and the bud was great .

    MASTERK reviewed Nexus RX
  • Are you guys currently still open I have called you three times and no answer or vm?...

    Marlene C. reviewed 25VIC
  • One of my favorite new dispensaries in this area. I love the new selection that they have every week as well as the great customer service. Definitely check this place out ASAP

  • Amazing products and service

  • I love medi! Great deals , great people! Great buisness!

  • Best flowers i have yet to find in Dc, always on time wit some of the best product on the market.

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