ATTENTION: This business has not been verified. Due to the ever-changing nature of this industry, it is suggested that you call prior to visiting.


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Veterans and Seniors over 55 receive $5.00 your 8th donation! New patients receive 2 prerolls and a free edible with your first 8th donation! We'll give you a free gram and an edible with every qualified new patient referral when they make...


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    I haven’t really gotten a hold of anybody yet so I can’t really tell you but I will

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    Great customer service and along with your weed delivery you get a free edible, lighter, papers, and pre rolled joint. And amazing weed.

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    Everyone from the person who answers the phone to the delivery girls is knowledgeable and very nice. They usually delivery in about 30, unless it's extra busy then it might take an hour.

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