Rosamond Marijuana Delivery

Delivery Reviews in Rosamond, CA

  • I love this delivery service. The drivers are very knowledgeable and the meds are the best I have gotten in the AV. Top flight all the way

  • I hate to be critical, but honestly totally unprofessional. Don't waste your time.

  • While the guys and gals working here are awesome people to talk to and seem like they genuinely care. Not all of the products are fairly priced in my opinion. A “deal” on an eighth is 40 dollars and you’ll find yourself with low quality poor smelling flower that you don’t want to consume, other than that you HAVE to pay 50 dollars for any herb of quality here and that just seems unfair and unappealing to all consumer types

  • We’re the address

  • Great as always! Large, beautiful nuggs exactly as described.

  • Great service great prices just great all the way around

  • I'm a survivor from the campfire in Paradise California I moved to Tehachapi California I didn't know anyone makes it a little bit difficult when you're trying to resource medicine I came across Green Med Delivery I personally got to know Bruce and Melissa from Green med Delivery. I can tell you they care about your well-being they want to help anyway possible if you're looking for someone who is above and beyond helpful please give these guys try you will not be disappointed

  • Trusted and pleasant experience every delivery. Thank you, that means a lot to me.

  • this is a great place!

  • I love this place i come here all the time my favorite spot. Love always ray lee

  • It was good i must try them out again

  • Best dispensary ive ever done buisness with. Im a vet whos seen the world and been to alot of dispensaries and i highly recommend here.

  • I love it!! Best price on wax n buds. I tell everyone about AOC

  • Didn't show up ..No thanks...Just lost a customer...

  • Our go-to delivery service. No complaints!

  • Again great service great smoke. Thank you

  • Never had a problem, always count on him!

  • Very helpful and very friendly!

  • Best bud in Rosemond A100 Quality at its best

  • Very helpful!

    Gladys W. reviewed TVC
  • Best tree ever and the staff is off the hook love you all and miss you at this same time

  • Having the bud tender treat you like a friend a bonus

  • Meds are great and the staff is awesome. Only thing I didnt like was the 2 seeds i got in the pre rolls.

  • The best thing smoking from here all the way to Chino hills. Love them.

  • Some of the best service

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