Recreational San Gregorio Marijuana Deliveries

Delivery Reviews in San Gregorio, CA

  • Flaky and slow. Mediocre product.

  • Good all around

  • Sir I'm Arjun Reddy from India Bangalore. Can I get a supply here from Rogers?

  • If you are looking for the best bang per buck, Buddy’s Cannabis is highly recommended. They have a huge selection of marijuana products. Moreover, the staff is very knowledgeable to help you find the right one product.

  • Great experience with a very friendly and informative staff. Had a great first time experience. You won’t be disappointed when you to this dispensary to buy medical-grade marijuana.

  • I visit Buddy’s Cannabis repeatedly due to helpful and friendly staff. They know a lot about the products and hooked me up with exactly what I needed. I’ll definitely recommend this dispensary to everyone.

  • Wow easy sign up and I couldn't believe I had my first delivery within 45 minutes of placing my order online!!!

  • I went to my first visit to this dispensary and I have to say it a very classy collective. The theme guess very nicely with the surrounding. The layout is nice with a touch of silicon valley having digital menus scrolling through the whole items. The best part is the staff which are very welcomingly and knowledge about they're products. Also this was formally known by SBHC. I must say I will be back soon.

  • Nice

  • I am very impressed with prompt delivery, excellent products and great daily specials. This will be my go to from now on. Thanks so much!

  • This place has FUEGO ...

  • Wonderful Experience ! Beautiful environment. Respectable from a business perspective. Thank you Robert and Steve for the great service!

    Shinoa Rae reviewed HAZE
  • I worked at a cafe in Los Gatos, CA and this was my go-to place for quite awhile. they're a little pricey, $35-85 an eighth, but they are knowledgeable and friendly. I recommend the disposable vape THC pen for $15, ahh-mazzing if you puff on it until it's out (all by yourself)

  • Great qualityweed , nice variety hookup delivery of buds hit 608-218-3203 ...

  • I have a great experience every time I go in there. They discount for seniors and disabled Veterans. Always good prices and assortment of products. Very friendly staff.

    Don J. reviewed HAZE
  • I came here for the first time and i was amazed how the service was.Its a great place to shop. I will be back to shop.

  • This business is no longer at this address

  • If you are a patient that required the cleanest meds available, this is the place for you. The high price reflects the care that goes into their product. If I had the money, I would buy shatter exclusively from SBJ. My order was flower, shatter and several edibles. It took them 3 weeks to get it to me. That was ridiculous!

  • the location is amazing literally 5 mins from my house. the budtenders are nice price is great and love the variety!

  • I love this place, its a very safe and professional atmosphere. Everyone I have felt with is friendly and knows the products, never waited more then 5 minutes to get in the bud room. The blond guy is super friendly and very helpful

  • AC has the best selection in the valley, hands down. They always have at least 30 strains- usually more like 50. I have never seen them with less than 20, which is awesome. The quality is all over the board, with the most danky at 55/8th and schwaggy for 25. They are reasonably priced for edibles. Their tiny no-bakes are actually a 6 dose ::grins:: well, a strong 4. Don't eat the whole thing at once- I did, being the smartass I am, and was talking to trees in my neighborhood for 3 hours. I've been going to this dispensary for 2 years. The gentlemen who own it are always sweet, and the ladies are amazing, but I recently had a budtender who started going off about how poor he was when he was raised and how much he wished he had money as a kid. He seemed somewhat hostile and shorted me slightly on my bud too. It really wierded me out. I don't know his name, but he is the only African American budtender they have working there are the moment. Avoid him! If it weren't for him, they'd h

  • I've been going to CCWC for the last year and a half. The staff knows my name, are super kind, and always know the medicine! The rice krispy treats are extremely tasty and are a definite 4 dose. The prices are reasonable and the staff is kynd and fun to chat with. =) Thanks tons, CCWC!

  • i live down the street from this dispensary and you shouldn't even waste your time going here. shitty bud, any moderately good bud is way overpriced. they take advantage of their location and the fact that they're the only brick and mortar dispensary in san mateo county. i wouldn't shed a tear if they got raided tomorrow, i actually kinda wish they would. i've seen top knotch dispensaries in SF and shitty ones, this is such a huge shit hole looks like 5 guys decided to run a pot shop and get blasted all day while presumably (working). this is not a medical marijuana facility, it's a pile of shit that needs to be shut down for making all medical marijuana dispensaries look like a drug dealers house.

  • John is knowledgeable about what he provides his patients. He takes the time with you 1 on 1 appointment only which is great. John is a very compassionate provider that we need more of. He knows what he is doing for himself and his patients...and that is all good! I recommend this collective to everyone.

  • I've been to collectives all through out the state and these guys have it dialed. They have an amazing selection of over 40 strains and there Jack Herer is the best I've ever seen. Will definitely be going back

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