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Welcome! Mr. Nice Guy is a community-based compassionate Collective. It is our MISSION to get to know every patient individually so that we may provide the medicine best suited to their needs at an affordable rate. Mr. Nice Guy also performs a...


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    Well, I’m very dissipointed. The driver was late and had me waiting forever. I was told on the phone that they had some bomb indoor With crazy crystals. What I got was over priced out door hippy lettuce in a nice package. And it looks like they shook all those “ dank”crystals off cause they were no where to be found. The prices didn’t match up from the website to what I paid. Clearly this driver has his own side hussle. And when I think of delevery service, i expect clean, punctual, and professional personnel. Not some late punk in a hoopty. Don’t waste your time or money. Because they don’t care about customer satisfaction.

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