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    Great selection, higher prices
    AC has the best selection in the valley, hands down. They always have at least 30 strains- usually more like 50. I have never seen them with less than 20, which is awesome. The quality is all over the board, with the most danky at 55/8th and schwaggy for 25. They are reasonably priced for edibles. Their tiny no-bakes are actually a 6 dose ::grins:: well, a strong 4. Don't eat the whole thing at once- I did, being the smartass I am, and was talking to trees in my neighborhood for 3 hours.
    I've been going to this dispensary for 2 years. The gentlemen who own it are always sweet, and the ladies are amazing, but I recently had a budtender who started going off about how poor he was when he was raised and how much he wished he had money as a kid. He seemed somewhat hostile and shorted me slightly on my bud too. It really wierded me out. I don't know his name, but he is the only African American budtender they have working there are the moment. Avoid him! If it weren't for him, they'd have a 5 start for 'tenders. Other than that, if you have some money to blow, I highly recommend them for their selection!

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