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Santa Clarita Marijuana Delivery

Santa Clarita Weed Delivery Reviews

  • Dope Products, Dope People. I love the location and the store front itself. It's very inviting and everyone of the employees is pretty knowledgeable.

  • Great prices out the door for raw garden def my go to shop

  • This place is by no means "25 Cap" their $25 and eighth ganja is full of seeds and shouldnt even be smoked. Their $35 and $45 an eighth selection is alright for the most part but I have seen the same ganja in different jars labeled differently and there has been strains that are most definitely not what it says on the jar. The budtenders are nice but don't seem very educated on ganja, especially this one skinny white dude who tells me he doesnt smoke flower and he cant give me a recommendation on anything but dabs. Like seriously? Honestly if this place wasnt the cheapest and closest dispensary to SCV I would go elsewhere.

  • Went there on 4/7/2020 and they were being raided by police. Hopefully they get up and running again. May not be the best bud all the time but you couldn't beat the prices.

  • Came in for the second day in a row to give them a chance house shatter is completely full of butane trash keep in mind I tried the nug run and killer shatter both were terrible budtender was angry when I told another customer to not buy what I had to return even though she knows it’s full of butane and have been getting complaints going to seriously hurt some people selling something they know is fully contaminated

  • Good prices

  • Fantastic! These people are frilendly and helpful and prices are fair.

  • Closed down thanks

  • Best flowers i have yet to find in Dc, always on time wit some of the best product on the market.

  • these people are scumbags drug dealers overpricing everything they discriminate and run by nepotism and favoritism

  • Cool easy to work and a lot of Info thanks

  • You guys give the best service I promise!! Please don’t ever stop! 😘

  • Very clean and bright, great selection of top shelf flowers, edibles and concentrates. Also have a varity of CBD concentrates, edibles and beverages

  • Great people, great product! It has helped my back tremendously.

  • Awsome Dispensary!!! came by earlier an I soot amazed! Awesome deal Great atmosphere and best of all Amazing fresh flowers I highly recommend everyone to check this place out!!! ;)

  • LAPCG was the very first club I ever visited, way back in 2005. They were super activists and helped launch Americans for Safe Access. They've been a consistent source for decent meds. Recently, they started testing all their meds and the result is that their flowers have gotten super consistent and seem incredibly clean.

  • had a great highm riding my bike around the neighborhood. Super nice head high. HIGHly recommended to any stoners in the LA area, very quick delivery. Thx guys you rock!

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