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Westside Organic, a private collective, continues our tradition of excellence by providing the highest quality medicine and service at the most reasonable donations. Our collective is now accepting patients from all over the Westside area- Santa...


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    it doesn't get any better than this!
    i rarely take the time to comment, but this place is just too good not to... all the adjectives the other guys use to describe their service and products actually and truthfully apply to these folks, and that's no exaggeration. in all my years as a patient, i have never been so pleased with the service, the product, or the compassion... they go above and beyond, and really treat you with respect and appreciation. they are exceptionally friendly, super discreet, and the product has always been consistently outstanding. they know their stuff, and it absolutely shows. i just can't say enough about them!
    with so many dispensaries and delivery services to choose from, it can be difficult and frustrating to find one that truly meets or exceeds all of your needs. i've been an exclusive westside organics patient for quite some time now, and i take great comfort in knowing that i've finally found the BEST of the best.
    so do yourself a favor, and give these folks a try! i guarantee you won't be disappointed :)

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