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    Happy until my last visit
    Right up to the point where I bought $120 worth of vape pens that refused deliver medicine. Of the 4 pens, I tried 2. I dropped by today and asked for a refund.

    They responded with "store credit only". Ok, I can do that...

    They hand 2 of them back to me, I said “No, they probably all don’t work, I’d like to return them all -- a 50% failure rate is a pretty good indication of a bad batch.” Nope, can’t do that.

    Then can I just smoke the two left to see if they are broken too? Nope – didn’t you know that this brand is not at all strong? But I can’t even tell it’s got any medicine at all…

    They said "no, only for the two that you tried before". I said “I didn't try the other two because the first two failed. Why would I possibly destroy more product if my first two samples were complete failures?”

    I walked away sans refund or credit on principal. $120 down the drain...

    A business should stand behind the products they sell.

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