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  • This is my first time here & let me say this dispensary is great! I only use edibles & I bought a few items, they were yummy. They have a site were you can go online & fill out the necessary forms to make sure it's all legit if course & to my surprise it easy to do. I sent them my order and they were quick to respond which is a plus for me. They got here at a pretty decent time which wasn't long & the delivery guy was really cool! Very courteous & nice. Thank you guys for doing a great job! I really appreciate it!

  • They never answer the pnone

  • I don't see my review so this may be a duplicate. These guys are really great. Manicured bud, friendly service every time, and fast delivery. What more could you ask? I truly recommend them to everyone.

  • YES TRY MEDI DROP TOOOOODAY!! Don't waste your money anywhere else and get the best medication with these guys man! I am a big boy and their medication works so nice, no doubt guys. For service and quality, I give them 11/10 overall and I have literally tried them all and searched for the best place to get my meds. Since I found them, they are the only service I rely on to give the highest quality and to be right on time, every time!

  • Excellent herb ; love that private reserve- I've since changed venues to make y'all my #1 go to -I usually almost always call in for delivery but nt w/ usual frequency as per usual; Bc I've been out shopping I've had a few dispensary visits - so I go to order fer Xmas and y'all hv some much cheaper - not carried b4 strains - hmm don't get me wrong I'm living the reduction / but wo seein it ( no pics) I'm less likely to order Bc in my mind cheaper means lesser quality? Not alwYs the case but still a risk ; js:) ok wel platinum & private / I hope to see on da menu soon in meantime I mite just try n hv an open mind - rite on

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