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    Didn't show up ..No thanks...Just lost a customer...

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    Again great service great smoke. Thank you

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    Never had a problem, always count on him!

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    Great service. First time. New to area. I m so pleased with quality and price is great. My new friends thank you so much

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    Excellent service, knowledge and quality.

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    Great friendly service & fantastic deals! Highly recommend 💚❤️💛

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    I am very impressed with the service and price. I get cool freebies from time to time as well. Not the largest selection in the world, but they always have great quality at a good price. ^_^

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    Horrible. I am a medical patient that got into a car accident the other day and I can't get up and go to Bakersfield or rosamond for my medicine right now. I called this guy at 5:35 and he said he was doing deliveries and to call back in an hour and he will help me out. Well, it's 8 now and they're closed and i haven't heard back from him. I've been calling over and over and no response. Don't tell people to call back and you'll help them if you can't even pick up the phone to tell them you're too busy or something like that. I won't be trying this again, Thankfully there is County Line Organics delivery that can help me in the morning.