Delivery Reviews in Temecula A Murrieta, CA

  • Very fast and friendly customer service, very prompt and updating me on his arrival time. Quality is amazing and a wonderful selection. I would highly recommend this company to anybody.

  • A+++ Quick deliveries, stellar customer service, and always a great selection of top tier products.

  • The page describes this business as 'prop 64 friendly', which it most certainly is not. Prop 64 was a bill to make weed legal for recreational purposes. This store requires a prescription, which is NOT Prop 64 friendly.

    reviewed Higher Approach
  • New about the OG strains exact . Best service I've had.... ever

    Evan C. reviewed VIP Meds
  • Every time I have gotten a delivery the drivers are cool. When you call and ask about products they're knowledgeable and really nice! Professional and affordable!

  • I am very impressed by the professionalism, quality of the product, the price is affordable, with friendly and prompt drivers. The knowledge that VIP shares regarding laws, strains, and usage of each prescription is thorough, and up-to-date information hot of the press. You won't be disappointed. My name is Dev and I am a very important person at VIP. Thank you Carol!

  • This service is the best .The drivers are professional and polite.The top shelf is the bomb and mid grade was very good.I only buy here.

  • Been going to this place for 7 mo now it's the best in town . I recommend this place to any one that really need medical cannabis help. I have been fighting cancer for a year now and this place has been my life saver though out my radiation and chemo treatments. i AM NOW LOOKING TO THEM FOR SOME cbd oil instead of my 3 round of chemo treatments. Thanks so mush Farmers Choice and there tenders for all the help.

  • Great. Price, service excellent, very professional. I will be a regularšŸ˜Š

  • Good meds. Good prices. Fast delivery. Not always available.

  • Are you sure the other reviews arent being paid to say what they did cause the staff was rude, they seemed high on weed, the gentlemen didnt even ask for my medical card and sold me what i wanted. Soneone needs to look into that place. Im actually reporting them to governor.

  • These people are the ABSOLUTE best.. They are always on time and very polite. Thank you sooo very much..Their product is great and certainly does the job. Respect

  • They called so quickly after I registered and ordered. Really helped me figure our the best options for my case. The prices seem consistently fair, while the quality is excellent. Delivery was within an hour of talking to them. Recommended.

  • Very happy with cannabis and CARE from Polo. Would like to see different strains but their cannabis is freshly cured, clean, tasty and has a good mind and body high. Didnt notice any abnormalities with this collective or its cannabis. Cannabis doesn't need high levels of THC to help with health problems or put you to sleep.. Over all rating 5 out of 5 for this collective so far!

  • Im a returning pateint and was in a hurry this morning. I asked the guy how long delivery time was and he said,"well in how long do you need it?" I told him a.s.a.p. I couldn't belive that we got everything tooken care of in 20 minutes. WOW!

  • I was going to wait till 9 but I called anyway. The Guy answered the phone offering to take the order. I was so happy considering the other places either would not pick up the phone or would only take the order for later times. I tryed the free edible and was gone for the day. Im going to reffer this place to every one i know.

  • I was looking for a new place to try since the local shop closed down. I normally go to a walk in place but called a delivery place by mistake. the guy on the phone sounded polite and professional so I followed through with a order. Iv always been skeptical about deliverys places but after the great service i will be ording here every time.

  • Jorden Blaze said on Oct 13, 2011 8:01 AM I am a member at well over 20 clubs, and this place is by far my favorite. Nicole is amazing! Their meds are top quality of anything I have found in the southern cal area, and their prices are fan-fucking-tastic! I have found that at most places you get what you pay for, but here you get more than what you pay for. You guys are the best! JordenBlaze Carlsbad

  • Steve said on Dec 22, 2011 10:20 AM Finally...a professionally run resource!! Great people and medicine. The best service in the area-I'll never go anywhere else. SG Cbad

  • Sarah said on Jan 1, 2012 10:05 AM My husband has had severe medical issues and requires MM for the last year. Express Medz is legit, organic, and fast! We have tried other places in the past and were disappointed- to say the least. Nicole is professional, compassionate, discrete, and extremely helpful. We can always count on the herb being what it claims to be and that it will be of great quality. As a wife and a mother, I totally appreciate all of the effort that Express Medz has put into being a real "medical" and professional business. Thank you, Express Medz for the true meaning of compassionate health care! Sarah Carlsbad

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