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THE GREEN LIGHT DISTRICTWe make it our personal mission to heighten the quality, service, variety, safety, knowledge, experience and expectation standards of all medical cannabis patients who enter our collective. We are solid in saying that we do...


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    i used to love this place. today i walked in as a previously registered patient to GLD, and i was denied their business because the signature on my recommendation was a copy. The chick working up front wouldn't let me in due to that condition. This is nonsense, because I was sitting next to a sixteen year old who wasn't denied their business. they're worried about being busted, and they sell to kids. bunch of bs.

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    can anybody tell if it has reopened, thanks,

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    Great place except
    Ok, so this place would get a 5 for their Med Quality if it wasn't for the Compassion Edibles. I tried these out twice. Once the halfy, and then a full brownie. Not sure what these are made of, but they had an "OK" effect on me with a full brownie.

    Otherwise this place is the tits. Excellent staff. The girl who told me about the Loaderz for coffee, thanks you! Those are great and at 10 bucks for a pack of 2, you can stretch them out for 2-3 cups a hunk of Caramel.

    GLD stole my business away from SBCC (which is a great place don't get me wrong) but BOGO is where it is at!

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