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    i used to love this place. today i walked in as a previously registered patient to GLD, and i was denied their business because the signature on my recommendation was a copy. The chick working up front wouldn't let me in due to that condition. This is nonsense, because I was sitting next to a sixteen year old who wasn't denied their business. they're worried about being busted, and they sell to kids. bunch of bs.

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    can anybody tell if it has reopened, thanks,

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    Great place except
    Ok, so this place would get a 5 for their Med Quality if it wasn't for the Compassion Edibles. I tried these out twice. Once the halfy, and then a full brownie. Not sure what these are made of, but they had an "OK" effect on me with a full brownie.

    Otherwise this place is the tits. Excellent staff. The girl who told me about the Loaderz for coffee, thanks you! Those are great and at 10 bucks for a pack of 2, you can stretch them out for 2-3 cups a hunk of Caramel.

    GLD stole my business away from SBCC (which is a great place don't get me wrong) but BOGO is where it is at!

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