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Homegrown Holistic Collective (H2C 707) Inc. is a community based, not-for-profit incorporated collective. Our primary goal is to advocate and support a proactive approach to health management by providing a local, professional, and safe environment...


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    nice club good parking lot reasonable prices good weed .

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    Such honest and sympathetic budtenders! I feel right at home here. They also have some of the best edibles around like their Strawberry Jam and Cherry Bomb Candies and other custom CBD products plus great herb at affordable prices!

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    I have been medicating anxiety and PTSD symptoms for over 20years. I have had an extremely challenging time finding the right product to get my mood and energy level to a functioning, stable and sustainable level. I have tried Sativa, Indica and hybrids, smoke, drinks, butters and edibles. But, no product that I have used are consistent for my condition, which keeps me from work, affects my finances and interferes with my relationships with loved ones. Recently, by happenstance, I wound up at a quaint little medical majauna dispensary in the City of Vallejo. The staff was warm and friendly and informative. I was sharing with The Bud-Tender about my dilemma, hoping he would point me to a stain for smoking and he pointed out the hard candy they had for sale. He sad it was high in CBD and recommends it for someone likes myself, with such intense anxiety. At this point in my journey with THC, I had stopped looking for an edible solution, they mainly knocked me out for the day or I would be left feeling too high to function. This hard candy looked so tempting with juicy flavors like “citrus blast” and the price was very reasonable so I said, “sure, throw one in the bag.” I took the candy home and put it in a drawer. After a few days passed, I had made plans with my daughter to drive to Berkeley pick her up and drive to East Oakland to run an errand. This scenario creates a tremendous amount of stress for me, the freeway driving, negotiating logistics, for the average person my be a breeze, for me-I have to do much mental and emotional preparation to complete the task at hand. This day, I was out of smoke and had no time to make a stop by the dispensary. I remembered the candy I had from H2C, I decided to eat ½ before getting on the road down to the bay area, and forgot all bout it. Well, things didn’t go as planned that day, my daughter and I were met with obstacles and traffic and after all our efforts and much time consumed, we were not able to accomplish our goals for the trip down and a lot was riding on our hopes. Normally, I would have become a puddle, cried or gotten super stressed out. It wasn’t until I returned back home, that I realized, in spite of all the unfortunate events of the day, I felt really good. Really very good! My mood felt stable, I stayed encouraged, didn’t get too stressed or freak out, that things didn’t go as planned. I made it all the way home-no drama. Now that’s a big deal! I am a Yoga instructor (ironically); part of my practice is to self-reflect. So at the end of the day I am curious to examine my experiences. I had felt more calm that day, in spite of events, than I have felt possibly in a few years… I remembered, I had eaten the hard candy from H2C. So, the next day, I tried the other half. Same results. I was amazed and went back to let the dispensary know how much I was thankful for their product. Turns out, it is made by the owner herself. And, that she is a serious and committed advocate for others like myself and worse off, who suffer from real adverse conditions affecting their daily lives. She came out from the back of the shop and I was able to share with her, about my amazing experience after using her homemade product. I bought some more and took to my 21-year-old daughter who also has to treat anxiety. She had the same response! Calm, cool and collected. We both feel great after 3 days in a row, the impact on my PTSD symptoms has made me feel like I have a new lease on life. This Business is small, if you drive by too fast you might miss it. All their products are top shelf; the emphasis is on “Healing” not “High.” The products like Strawberry jam and honey are made with love and care, that is obvious. I highly recommend that anyone who needs to be better functioning and, suffers from anxiety, PTSD, or pain management issues, come try their Hard-candy products. I can’t say enough about it. I am so thankful to have finally found something I feel I am able to trust help me through my day, in a calm and peaceful way. -Jennifer

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