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    Revolution !
    Interesting place, has that new feel to it ,modern look also, i can say it strikes me as being casual, clean and nice organized.
    Hit all that with some intense and aromatic herbs and i had a pleasure train riding trough my mind.

    Decent sample size of strains, although i only was interested in Indica ones. Yummy edibles ( cookies and junk) and at the end of it i can say that i saved a pretty penny to by not going to any fancy other club with expensive prices.
    Great prices, great meds, great place.

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    Sketchy at first; great at the ending!
    I got the chance to visit their place today. At first the staff looked a bit sketchy but after talking to them a bit while they were checking my paperwork I saw they were chill. Their stuff is great (especially the Og) but the place could use a good makeover and they should broaden their skyline with a few sativas and edibles.

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    more quality desired
    The place really has a style of its own; but the main problem is that the meds are a bit overpriced for their potency.

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