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  • Ashes is a friendly and helpful dispensary if your in need of good medicine (tree), good strains, tasty nuggets, some Vapes (cannabis oil), got a lounge where you can chill and partake of your medicinal herbs.!!Friendly staff and the owners from what I gather truly care about their patients ... I'm out of Acton, CA and have been to many dispensaries all over southern California and you get a good feeling when you leave Ashes instead of feeling like just another number in line... Plus when you go to Lake Isabella or kayaking and fishing down the Kern or rock climbing the Kern Slabs or The Needles and you need meds... it's right there!!!! No travel to San Bernardino or Los Angeles ... Been coming up to Kern River since 1998' been waiting for this for years to come!! Thanks Ashes... TJ OSWELL .,..

    reviewed Ashes
  • I think this shop should shut down because of the poor quality of marijuana nd the bad service and the bad quality of communication.

  • 24 hours, can't be beat!

  • Best place yet

  • Cant wait to try everyone seems so helpful and easy to find out info great place comfortable environment

  • Very affordable

  • Awesome and fresh bud. Just found this pland and find out they have been here for 7 years! Nice, clean and fun to talk to. Fresh flower every week too so I say they have changed from they guy below.... try them.

  • This guys send patients to get medical marijuana cards from fake online clinics without doctors who create cards with fake signatures. Patients never talk to a doctor. Details here

  • I love this place. Very friendly staff. Usually have what you need. Need to have a better edible selection though.

  • Lame af

  • Loveeeee this shop it's not over priced for good bud and the guys there are always hot.

  • This was and will not be my last great experience with Humble I feel so 😌 I can be help in a most excellent attitude and care @ Humble they truly know and advice they're client patient love and representational professionalism

  • Excellent customer service. I am a newbie and they didn't make me feel stupid being there. It's a professional dispensary, and I won't go anywhere else.

  • I go here and I will say it has a huge selection... And lots of knowledgeable peeps to help with your questions and concerns... Best place to burst your Cherry!

  • Is it medical or reconrational

  • Excellent. They really help out there.

  • My first time was a cool experience love the help

  • Awesome.

    MrRicky B. reviewed IMC
  • I will be back $$$$

  • Great group awesome public relations and communication. ...Ricky Bass

  • Consistency is what I'm looking for especially when it comes to my meds.Getting bunk ass meds isn't cool.

  • I went to Green Earth remedies on Hasti Acres & BOOYAH it happened again shitty buds come on peeps.Again it smelled & looked good in the jar & then I get to the house fire up a bowl & barely even catch a head change WTF!!A great atmosphere & cool peeps & a way cool bud tender can only go so far in this biz,when I pay for TOP SHELF I expect TOP SHELF smoke!!People they make additives that boost THC levels & add flavor so whoever a growing what's coming in their doors STEP UP YOUR GAME!!or customers are gonna start not being so loyal.Peace out.

  • I like the bud and how it's only less than a five minute walk from where I live. Perfect place to get bud close by


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