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    When I went into their store, the budtenders didn't know their product, left me in the dispensary to take care of Recreational patients in a store meant for only medical and were unfeeling budtenders. When I bought their product at the store, it looked A+ quality, but when I got it home and really looked at my purchase, it was just covered in spider mites. I didn't even smoke it. When I tried to get my money back, they offered me a substitute instead of refunding me. I asked: "Why would I want more spider mites in a different strain". This was the worst visit to a dispensary ive ever had. Do not go here, ALL OF THEIR WEED IS COVERED IN BUGS!!!

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    Eagles nest has super high quality flowers

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    If you expect and demand staff who know the product, good selection and fantastic buds then Eagles Nest is where you want to go!
    I've waited 38yrs for the honor and right to purchase meds in a legal manner. Upon arrival in this great state I visited several dispensaries only to leave disappointed. My first visit to Eagles Nest was my best experience so far <after 7 months>. I suffer from a back injury but my pain was emotional that day as I just lost my soulmate of 28yrs. Vanessa picked up on my sadness and without question gave several suggestions of medicine to aid my situation. A bit overwhelmed by names, strains, concentrates and extracts I asked her to give me what she thought was best.
    She was RIGHT ON!!
    I used to live close by but had to move to the Springs. Although it be a major drive for me I will continue to give Eagles Nest my business!
    How about a shop in the Springs y'all??