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  • BudTenders are so nice here! They really took the time to explain a lot of information to me. I felt so confused until the SAR staff was able to help me to understand. This is a GREAT location! I will definitely be returning on all of my Colorado visits! ((I watched them serve a customer with a service dog while I was there too! They were so kind to clear the entire sale floor so the customer & their dog could have the space they needed. Then the staff went back to taking all customers as soon as the customer with the service dog was complete.)) It's just something I noticed and figured I should share as another review noted a completely different story. I PERSONALLY was excited to be there & so glad I made the stop! I will be back Erika!!! You're awesome!!

  • They discriminated and refused service to my husband because he had a medical service dog. After the police officer informed the owner he was breaking the law he still was rude and didn't seem to care. we have filed an official complaint with the ADA. It will take a while but these people will have a huge fine ($50,000 .00l and possibly closed doors. Discrimination towards a disabled person with a service dog is something the federal government will not tolerate.

  • Great place! Friendly & knowledge staff. They always have edibles despite the ban in other countries. It's right on the border of Colorado and is always our first stop when visiting the state.

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