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  Kind Love is Colorado’s choice dispensary for connoisseur strains, quality, variety and patient service.  While we specialize in organically treated, hand trimmed flowers, we also carry a large variety of products suited...


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    MEH! SEEDS! NO WARNING?! I didn't buy medicine to get access to seeds...not to mention they were all premature, green and not even able to be popped! A warning would of been sufficient "There may be some beans in there! Heads up when you smoke it!" Or "There may be some seeds...is that ok with you?" I won't be back! Nor should you!

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    They had a great selection! Best in town!

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    Kind Love has the best variety of top grade meds
    The staff is very friendly, knowledgable and want to help you. This is by far the best place to go to purchase your medical marijuana in the Denver area if tou like the good stuff and their prices are more than fair.

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