Frankford Marijuana Doctor Reviews

  • If they have what I need, which is usually sold out by the time I get into the store, they are ok. Sadly the owners seems to be playing games with patients ability to get what they need.

  • I have been to this location many times. In fact it was actually the first dispensary I ever went to. It is quite nice inside although it does have a very medical type feel as opposed to being more comfortable. Most of the people there are extremely friendly and very helpful. They usually have a lot of great product although there are times where they can get low on certain strains or there are days where they don't always have a lot of indicas/sativas but it just usually depends on the volume of people, and as of right now they don't have hybrids available. The quality however is exceptional and is very helpful medicinal wise. There are several strains there that I buy regularly. I wish it was closer to where I lived. They also have a great selection of discounted glass as well as some brands that are well-known well liked. They also probably have the cheapest cartridges around, even though they're still pricey anyone knows that a good quality cartridge is going to cost a little bit m

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