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    Having read the first review, I'll not step foot into this store.

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    Usually good, but poor since an employee threatened to fight me in the parking l
    I was a frequent customer here until a staff member threatened to fight me in the parking lot. I was accused of trying to cut in front of others in line. They let me into their retail are and then asked me to wait. No biggie. I was actually short on time and was going to come back after work instead. In no way did I even remotely try to cut in line or even look like that was what I was trying to do. This hot head there took offense that I was leaving, followed me outside and started talking trash to me outside for some reason. I am a quiet and polite customer and would never "cut" in line as he stated. The two employees were helping customers so technically there is no way to cut in line as this moron suggested.
    I would not recommend this place with such volatile staff members.