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A Detroit Alternative is a medical cannabis resource clinic. It is a safe,secure,clean and gated facility.Our staff is knowledgeable and compassionate.

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    They shorted me 3 grams of dc2 and they NEVER answer the phone and they won't make it right. Marco is a very rude punk. Why would you leave kids in charge of a business? And no one reads they're social media messages. And they definitely wonderful reply back. This place is going down hill real fast. They've had more than Enoch time to get back to me and nothing. Yes they're weeds alright just Check your bag EVERYTIME you leave because I've been shorted at the old location and never called but after this I tried to make this right but they won't. There's PLENTY of other dispensaries around Detroit so if they want to rob me of $30 than whatever I'm pissed but they are going to be losing literally THOUSANDS of dollars this used to be the only place I went but they never reply to ANYONE.
    - Brien.

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    This place is the best
    These people are the best shop around. Safe location with easy access everything is insanly good. They always make great recomendations. Try the wax and the edibles!

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