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Green Dragon Cannabis Company

Green Dragon operates premium marijuana dispensary locations throughout Colorado and Florida, offering top-quality products at great prices. They have facilities spread throughout these two states, including Denver, Fort Collins, Tampa, Boynton Beach, and more. Their in-house flower brand is grown in state-of-the-art cultivation facilities, ensuring that it meets the highest standards. They also offer concentrates, edibles, topicals, pre-rolls, and more. In Colorado, they carry recreational products; in Florida, their products are medicinal due to local regulations. They do not currently offer delivery services in Florida or Colorado, but you can place orders online ahead of time to be picked up in person later on. Their friendly, knowledgeable staff has been in operation since 2009. Green Dragon has come a long way since its “hippie pot shop” origins and now offers a vast selection of apparel, glass, and other accessories and a loyalty program in their brightly lit, clean, and welcoming retail environment.