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    Golden Nug is the spot for me
    I have been going to a lot of the clinics around OC and by far this place has one of the lowest caps for top shelf. I always go in and get a half ounce evertime of the OG. I have no complaints and the budtenders there are always polite and kick back. There this girl tracy that works there and she is always happy and fun to talk to when i pick up my meds. So to all the picky ass haters that be leaving bad reviews like they are someone judging the hightimes competition, kick back and medicate. Would recommend this place to any one looking for deals.

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    EFF U GOLDEN NUG! worst clinic ever they will short you !
    i went in for their bogo deal, and they shorted me a whole ounce ! called back the next day and they offered me 10% off my next bogo deal. Really now? I paid 360 for one ounce of bunk shit. The bogo deal is a majority outdoor that they try to pass for indoor, and none of it is trimmed. Their bud tenders pose as managers, and according to these various "managers", this type of thing occurs all the time and they do not offer their patients any compensation.

    Even if you are not going in for the bogo deal, their top and middle grades are highly overpriced and their lows are a majority untrimmed outdoor.

    Would not recommend this club to my worst enemies. You pay for a service you do not receive.

    Beware: They make their money by ripping patients off.

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